Please take a listen to the attached mp3 file and if you would be so kind as to make some comments on how you think it sounds.
Any comments or suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks !

see attached mp3 file...
The software we used to do this is all FREE.
This is a live recording from a QSO over the internet between k8if and aa0hw using the following:

1. FLdigi to send the CW
2. MUMBLE(beta) VOIP program(like SKYPE), to receive the CW from Fldigi and send it across the internet to 1 or more ops who are using the same setup on their computer.
3. a free software "virtual sound card" to interface the cw audio between FLdigi and MUMBLE.

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Morse Over Internet Provider how's that? MOIP yer way to clean fast QSB, QRN, QRM, & LID free QRQcw! Guys, this is worth checking out. Chuck has done an outstanding job is setting this up, and hunting down the free software etc, as well as support in getting things to work. We made this mp3 this afternoon, just to give you an idea of how well this works. Think about it. You don't need big antennas, KW amps, you can copy the guy across the street as well as any Ham in the world with internet access. You know, I've been on business trips where this would have been a fun way to sit in a hotel, and work QRQcw, instead of watching the Idiot Box (tv).
Oh, and by the way, it's free. It's QSK too. No, you don't have to go 100 wpm, or 80 wpm, you can go whatever your comfortable with. And I think, gee, it would be fun to be able to copy some of the guys that can't copy me on the FOG skeds, or any sked for that matter. Heck, maybe I could work Joe in Hawaii? Get my WAS on the Internet (ha ha). Seriously, ya gotta check it out!
Sounds great, Chuck, especially the little 'cluck' at the end. I would love to use the internet for QRQ Qsos especially since the lack of sunspots has made on-the-air Qsos impossible out here on Maui. I am making slow progress using Rufz and ebook2cw tapes. Practice on the air with someone a bit more advanced than me woiuld be fun. Why not describe your system on the site. We couild set up a 'sked' and maybe get some folks into a roundtable. Its not the same as using the airwaves but would give a lot of us practice while awaiting more sunspots.

I am currently in Beatrice, Nebraska, doing part-time work but will be back on Maui next week. They are getting ready to harvest the corn!

Oh, by the way, I took your advice and got a Microsoft Comfort Curve keyboard. Nice. I might carry it with me as I travel and use it with my mini laptop for our QRQ QSOs! The mini laptop keyboard is a bit cramped.

Joe KH6/W3GW
Keep me on your e-mail list for future developments with your Fldigi/Mumbles/Virtual soundcard system to send CW over the internet. I will set it up this week now that I have some spare time.

Joe KH6/W3GW


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