I received a nice package in the mail today from K6KX containing a set of keys.  The price is not cheap ($99) but they are the best feeling keys I have ever used.  They come with two cables, either of which can plug into the back of the keys.  One is a normal USB to USB cable.  The other is USB to PS-2.

I have not connected it to a USB host yet, but I used it with my PS-2 keyer / kbd for over an hour this afternoon at 67 wpm.  This is definitely at my upper end.  I believe I can tell a distinct improvement in my error rate.

The key caps have excellent spacing between edges so I am less likely to accidentally hit two keys together.

The keys are mechanical using Cherry switches.  They have excellent tactile feedback and plenty audible feedback.

RK-9000 info

They are available from Rosewill through Amazon.

They are also the first set of keys I have had where the output cable plugs in.  No big deal, but kind of nice.  The dual format (PS-2 / USB) is handy also.  All of my kbds currently are PS-2, but I am working on one that uses a small embedded Linux board that will work with USB keys if it ever reaches the stage of being ready for use on the air.


Chuck, W5UXH


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Another one to consider is the buckle spring / PS-2 board at this link:  Buckle spring kbd  It does not have both PS-2 and USB like the Rosewill, but can be ordered with either interface.

There was something about it I did not like for CW (that I could not really identify) so I sent it to K6KX to try out.  But it is truly a buckle spring and has the loud click.  

I really look forward to the board. My DGM board is all mechanical but there is about a 1/8 dip on the space bar from hitting it to much back in the late 70s and I am afraid to use it too much because if the EPROM goes I won't have a backup board. The K42 CW Keyboard keyer only works with PS-2 interface and the designed warns that he has not see good performance trying to use a USB to PS-2 converter. We will see how it works out. If I can type a bit more smoothly and accurately I expect Jerry K9JB will be happy when we chat.

I am certain the PS-2 cable with the Rosewill will work perfectly with the K42, because it works with my keyer designs.  The typical USB keyboard combined with an external USB to PS-2 converter normally does not work.  The keyboard itself must be designed to support the converter, and the Rosewill apparently is.  The fact that they use a small USB connector on the keyboard, with two different cables for USB or PS-2, instead of a fixed USB cable and an inline converter for PS-2 is also a sign that it was done right.

When I hear you and Jerry, your CW sounds good to me.

Good. I make too many mistakes and I don't have my fingers trained to hit the backspace and get rid of them so I am hopeful the layout will help with that. I should have it end of next week - its in my office now but I won't be back there til Monday after next. No schedule this weekend either. Oh well - Next year I should have more stability in my schedule and hopefully a better antenna set up.

After reading all the positive articles about the Rosewill Keyboard I went ahead and ordered one from NewEgg $99 bucks including S&H and they even through in a webCam which I have no use for. I love the feel of the hefty construction of the board and the light touch of the keys. I believe it's helped my typing speed and accuracy, at 78 my thumb finger is a bit shaky QRQ with a paddle is tough going for me.

I am using my rk 9000RE and I like it. The feel is good and the keyboard is steady on the desk and solid. The keys feel good to me although I have to have a few hours on the air before I will really be comfortable with it. I have had a few QSO with Jerry but QRN is so high at his QTH that good QRQ is pretty hard to maintain. One QSO with Chuck but he went off to watch the solar eclipse (it was raining here so no eclipse to watch.)

I have been using my Rosewill for two months now and just love it. I use in conjunction with the K1EL K42 CW Keyboard keyer. My typing error rate has definately gone down. I'm not at 50WPM yet, but working on it.

I thought you had been running at least 60 and maybe 65 when I hear you in the QRN here.  I noticed Chris with you guys the other night, and possibly last night also, but working to copy in QRN is not worth it for me!

Glad you like it.  It would be interesting to feel the difference between the Cherry RED key (I think that is what I have) and which ever "color" you have.  I recall they were two different key types.

If you drive to Fla on the southern route when you move, stick the kbd in the car and stop by here, we can compare!

Well there are several Bills around this site. When I talk with Jerry K9JB I run 55 to 60 depending on the conditions. Tonight QRN was high as was Jerry's line noise and we QSO for a mew minutes at about 20 wpm. Yesterday AI6U and I were running about 65 but I had trouble copying him so I don't know how fast I can QSO these days. I love my Rosewill board though and the keys are smooth and I don't think I have ever hit a key and not gotten that letter out. It is smooth, smooth, smooth.

Oops, you are right, two Bill's both using Rosewill.  That explains my confusion!

And both using the K42 keyer to make differentiation even harder.

Amazon has the RK-9000 ("Cherry MX BLUE") at $59.99 with free shipping, supposed to be in stock Dec 1.  Pretty good discount on the $99.99 price.



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