Using the free program and unique playback features of  MIXXX,  an effective method for improving your qrq cw copy using any cw audio file is demonstrated.

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Thanks, Chuck. This really works.

I make mp3 files and work through them using my left hand to hit  the A, D, and F keys and my right hand to control the mouse. I have used some of the files of old QRQ QSOs that are on this website . Also, I have used ebook2cw and Fldigi to make mp3 files to use with Mixxx as well as to carry with me on my portable mp3 player to use at the airport, while visiting inlaws, etc. The directions for making these mp3 files are right here on this website. 

Joe W3GW

Mixxx, is a free open source audio file player that has variable speed with excellent CUE and REVIEW hotkeys.

It is made for DJ’s but makes for one of the best training tools for qrq training with cw audio mp3 files.

There are 4 hotkeys that are already default on MIXXX.

the keyboard letters “a” and “s”  and the keyboard buttons “F1″ and “F2″

“a” –  fast rewind/review

“s” –  fast forward/cue

“F1″  -  incremental slow down (adjustable by %) – I prefer 5 percent

“F2″  -  incremental speed up (adjustable by %)  - I prefer 5 percent


The method I found most useful is to use the review hotkey to go back over a missed word multiple times until you finally are able to copy it.  You can listen again to a word or phrase with this "fast rewind" function by hitting the keyboard letter “a”.  If you find that at the current speed and after multiple repeats of  hearing a missed word,  you still are not able to copy it,  you can slow it down by tapping the “F1″ and try again a few times and if you still do not copy it,  keep hitting the hotkey that slows it down(“F1″)   until you finally are able to copy the missed word,  then slowly creep the speed back up with “F2″ and listen to the word again a couple of times,  hit “F2″ again and speed it up and repeat this process untill  you reach the original speed.  The “F2″ hotkey speeds the audio file up by 5 percent.(if you select that in the MIXXX options / interface)   Pick a speed for a cw file OR create a cw file with FABIAN’s qrq program,  where you can copy around 70 to 80 percent of it…so there are not too many missed words to go back over…


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