Anyone interested in setting up a way to schedule QRQ skeds, on the air or on iCW, for ops like me who would like to work on increasing their code speeds? Maybe something like the K3UK sked page, I use for SKCC.

QRQ, ebook2cw, Fldigi mp3 files, and Mixxx are nice but its more fun to get on the air with someone.

Joe W3GW

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Excellent idea Joe.

MorsePal may be a good site to sign up with and register your callsign there - with your profile and let others know what you are looking for in a QRQ sked.  You can also search on MorsePal to find QRQ ops that are looking for similar interests in getting a QRQ qso going...

Thanks, Chuck. I just signed up for MorsePal. I also just joined a club called CWops. They are keen to get beginners up and running on CW, like the General class operators did for the Novices back in the old days when we had Novice bands.

Joe W3GW

 - Here is another website that is helping morse code ops setup skeds -

FISTS, also has some skeds on there webpage -


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