hope it is no off-topic so much...
Does anybody know if PA1000 amplifier from Juma has fully working, smooth QSK able to operate at QRQ please?

I will be happy for comments and experiences from owners.

73 - Petr, OK1RP

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Hello, Petr. Not off topic at all.

I do not own the amplifier, but I looked at their manual online and the eHam discussion.

I would be careful about buying the amplifier unless you get more information regarding QSK.
I would assume it is set up for PTT operation which is fine for SSB, but not for QSK QRQ. To get good
QSK you need a diode or relay based setup and for solid state amps especially you need to be very careful about hot switching. I would do a bit more research before buying the amplifier for QSK unless you are willing to design a QSK system  for the amplifier on your own.

I am not an engineer but learned a lot about QSK from guys on this website while getting my old Omni D and Ameritron AL.811H working with a relay based QSK system.

I hope we get more comments.

73...Joe, W3GW


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