Simpler Hardware Methods for iCW with the Amazing Hi-Per-Mite Bandpass Filter Joe Loposzko, KF7CX

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Great article, Joe.

I used the Hi-Per-Mite filter with the Morse Express T-Tone audio oscillator kit from Marshall at Oak Hills Research to build a set up for the paddle net. The T-Tone kit is at:

You connect the output of the T-Tone oscillator to the Hi-Per-Mite filter. Then you connect the Hi-Per-Mite output to the Mic input of your computer. You get a nice sine wave tone.

The iCW net and the Mumble site are great options for ops who would like a CW fix but for whatever reason can't get on the air. The paddle net meets on Wednesdays. Straight keys, bugs, cootie keys, and paddles are welcome! And don't forget the FOG net and Saturdays iCW net for the keyboard fans.

Joe W3GW 


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