Text file of the 230 most common cw abbreviations, for practice


     I'm one of the newest members, and this is my first offering.  While making MP3's to practice with,  I thought, why not listen to something that I'll use in every QSO.  This list was compiled by searching Google for 'CW Abbreviations'.  The list was in alphabetical order, but I found a website that will take any list of words, up to 10K words, and make the list completely random.  Here's their site


Hope you'll find this useful.

73 de Dana W8DH

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Excellent idea Dana !

This is a great word list to use on the RUFzXP word list training.
With that in mind, the word lists for RUFzXP can not have any spaces or
repeated words in them or RUFzXP will reject the file, so I have taken all the
spaces out of the list you provided and made it "RUFz-able"...
The RUFzeed list is attached.

Thanks Dana , this will add to the most common words we copy in morse qso's.
Appreciate very much your contribution !

This file contains the previously posted 3000 most common word list integrated with the 230 most common cw abbreviations. The master list was then randomized to make it more interesting.
I'm pretty sure I got all the spaces out this time.
Shortly, I'll convert the list into paragraphs, for the fldigi mp3 file users such as myself.
Hope you find this useful.
73 de Dana W8DH



This is a very useful list, and something that I really need, since I want to achieve solid copy every time at 35-45 wpm sending and receiving using a dual lever paddle prior to returning to my old attempts at QRQ.  To do this, I'll be seeking skeds with friends who are proficient at those speeds, plus searching around 40m, 80m and other HF bands for the faster paddle fists.  I also believe keeping up with qrs skills all the way down to 20wpm or so helps as well, at least in my case, because my brain tends to fall into a rut if I practice and QSO at the same speed every time.  Pierpont advised against this as well, and I think in the past, in my case, I didn't heed that advice well enough.  Now I find having regular qsos (at least 1 or 2 daily and more) really helps my proficiency.  A list like the one you provide here is exactly what I need when I can't get on the air, or just want listening practice.  73

-Brett KI4DBK


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