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Add a line out to your Triton IV, Corsair, or Omni VI

Here's an excellent web site I ran across recently which explains how to add a line-out to your classic Ten-Tec rig: …Continue

Started Jun 20, 2011

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Pierre Marchessault commented on Brett Miller's video

Rider's Sound-N-Sight Code Course CW practice Records

"Yep! That's the way I unfortunately learned... It's been 30 years and still trying to forget about it....  Learned it in the boyscouts. Like they say, it takes a lot longer to relearn than learn properly the first time."
Jan 3, 2016
Brett Miller commented on Brett Miller's video

Rider's Sound-N-Sight Code Course CW practice Records

"Thanks Chuck, you may want to have a look at some of my other videos relating to science and technology.  I think there are around 31 or so in my ki4dbk channel.  I may have a new one this weekend or so, which shows me checking the…"
Jul 25, 2012
Chuck aa0hw commented on Brett Miller's video

Rider's Sound-N-Sight Code Course CW practice Records

"Excellent video and audio Brett, fantastic recording and a lot of fun to see and hear these classic albums in action !   Thanks !    Very well done sir... I found it very interesting that they chose such a high pitch for…"
Jul 24, 2012
Brett Miller posted a video

Rider's Sound-N-Sight Code Course CW practice Records

I listened to these records for the first time while making this video. Wow, an amazing piece for my Telegraph Key, etc. collection, this box of records from...
Jul 24, 2012
Brett Miller replied to Tom Alderman's discussion SOB Group
"I think it may be possible that Mike Monger - KT2E was a member of SOB, perhaps one of the latest.  I can't remember exactly, but I know he was in FOG (number 12).  Mike was a great QRQ operator who lived relatively close to me in the…"
Jun 20, 2012
Brett Miller replied to Tom Alderman's discussion SOB Group
"Fred was so right with what he said here, especially the last sentence in this paragraph.  I have been trying to pick up the torch and run with it, encouraging others to try out QRQ and see if they find it as fun as Fred did.  At the same…"
Jun 5, 2012
Brett Miller commented on Chuck aa0hw's page RECORDINGS OF QRQcw FOG NET on 40 METERS
"Aha...very nice.  I could hang with you guys in that (with sending)...especially due to the 80 wpm warmup, only problem is, copying gets to be very hard for me at  70-80 and I doubt I can hang even at 60-65 yet, but who knows?  I…"
Jun 5, 2012
Brett Miller updated their profile
Jun 4, 2012
Brett Miller commented on Chuck aa0hw's page Qrq Training Tips
"Practicing with an unplugged board sounds like a good idea, and it seems like you've got some real dedication to learning touch typing.  FB on that for sure. Funny you would mention how formal training teaches us to capitalize and use…"
Jun 4, 2012
Brett Miller commented on Chuck aa0hw's page RECORDINGS OF QRQcw FOG NET on 40 METERS
"This is some really good stuff, thank you."
May 31, 2012
Brett Miller commented on Chuck aa0hw's page RECORDINGS OF QRQcw FOG NET on 40 METERS
"At 100 wpm the word "the" sounds like, "pah purrr pip"  hihihihihihi"
May 31, 2012
Brett Miller commented on Chuck aa0hw's page RECORDINGS OF QRQcw FOG NET on 40 METERS
"Hey Chuck, what's are the approx. speeds you guys are running on the QRQcw101net?  80-100?"
May 31, 2012
Brett Miller commented on Chuck aa0hw's page Qrq Training Tips
"I also want to reiterate that the alledged 50-55 wpm "hump" is in my opinion a very detrimental myth or hoax.  It doesn't have to be that way for young or new ops, and also many experience operators report no such 55 wpm speed…"
May 10, 2012
Brett Miller commented on Chuck aa0hw's page Qrq Training Tips
"So it's been a year after I wrote all that junk up at the top.  I still agree with myself on probably more than 90% of it, but the bottom line is this:  If you are a CW operator, who is hoping to increase your is the…"
May 10, 2012
Brett Miller replied to Chuck Broadwell, W5UXH's discussion PS-2 / USB Keyboard Rosewill Model RK-9000
"This is great stuff Chuck...I think Andrew originally told me about these on the telephone a while ago, and I definitely plan on trying one at some future point, though my old AT board really serves the purpose of providing audible and tactile…"
May 10, 2012
Brett Miller left a comment for Jerry Brainard
"Jerry sounds good and so does Bill - N7YT.  Even when they were 529 or so into my QTH their 55/60 cw sounded FB.  And I even copied a sentence or two from Jerry when I briefly broke in the other day. Jerry, your shack sounds…"
May 10, 2012

Profile Information

Your Call Sign
How many years have you been performing QRQ CW
Been doing CW since 2004, but distractions and obligations in life took me away for several years. But I always enjoyed the faster stuff the best, as I could get my thoughts out at a realistic rate of speed and have better conversations.
What speed do you like to run QRQ CW
Whatever I can get comfortable, relaxed copy (in my head)...and that speed varies from day to day. But lately 45-55 has been easier for me than ever before. Flawless copy is the goal, but holding up my end of a conversation is a more than adequate compromise. This is conversational QRQ CW.
Your favorite key, paddle or bug
Lately I've found that using the bug takes away most of the frustration and stress from sending. I have grown tired of the perfection that paddle sending requires, as it tends to pique my temper, hihi.
Your favorite cw keyboard
The keyboard hardware I use is an old 1980's PC keyboard made by a company called Expo. It had tactile feedback due to mechanical action in the keys, which I like, since I could feel if I was actually sending the letters and words I was endeavoring to send, and with such feedback, I felt I could improve my sending at a more rapid rate. I have been using that keyboard with my FB W5UXH keyer, which was designed, built and coded by Chuck Broadwell.

In the past I used used a DOS program to talk to W5UX and a few times I attempted to join the FOG sked...I believe it was CW500.exe. I also played around with CWType a bit too, but I recall it had just came out around that time, or I had just found out about it. I recall a distinct moment one day of sending some 105 wpm to Chuck AA0HW via those DOS programs, and being amazed at him finding no problem answering my questions fired at him at that mind numbing speed, even when I messed up and shot him a few extra letters occasionally due to performance anxiety.
Your favorite cw sending software
FLDigi, cwtype.exe, cw500.exe, cw101.exe....however, I prefer to cut out the computer when sending on HF and use my W5UXH keyer. And if you haven't tried it, please contact Chuck Broadwell and let him know you'd like to buy one of his keyers. They are the best in the biz.
Your Rig, Antenna and RF Power
Ten-Tec Omni D (series B), 2 Triton IVs, and a Corsair II Antenna is G5RV up about 35 feet.
Your QSK preferences
Full break-in. 1970's era Ten-Tec Solid State...or tube (with QSK circuit).
Your favorite headphones or speakers for listening to cw
Kenwood HS-6
What has been your most effective way of training practice, to copy and send qrq cw
QSK/break-in conversation at all speeds with a good friend on HF. Failing that, iCW, and when that isn't available, I listen to recordings of QSK qsos of close friends or acquaintances. People whose conversational style and vocabularies I am certain to run into soon on the air. After training a bit with the .mp3 files, perhaps I'll give myself an edge.

However, the fastest way to learn, for me, is to get on the air and *do it*!

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Comment Wall (8 comments)

At 5:57am on March 6, 2011, Chuck aa0hw said…

Hi Brett !

Welcome to the site and thanks for joining !

I really like FLdigi too !

It is the best and I am now able to send perfect RAISED COSINE cw on my

old ICOM 735 - using FLdigi's AFCW mode of sending with its uber cool QSK FUNCTION via the FLdigi modem. 


Thanks again Brett, and hope to cw with you soon !

Check out our new iCW GROUP and join us there if you can sometime !




At 8:54am on March 6, 2011, Andrew Moore said…

Welcome back Brett - let the fun begin!  Hope to hear you on iCW & the air


QRQ of course


I think many of us find it's fun to practice/strive for 60+ but in reality we settle back down to a more comfortable 40 for conversation.  At least for me, it's hard to sustain 50-65 for any length of time.  Guess I should be practicing more...!






At 1:59pm on March 6, 2011, Joe said…

Welcome back, Brett. I got interested in QRQ in 2008 during the great sunspot minimum between Cycles 23 and 24. The lack of sunspots for so long left this Maui ham looking for something interesting to do instead of listening to static on dead HF bands. I stumbled across this website and got to know Chuck, He set up  the iCW net and helped all of us get the software up and running. Setting up for iCW looks harder than it really is. Come join us on Saturdays for the on the air net followed by the iCW net. The FOG and CFO groups are still active and as friendly as ever. I have been using Chuck's Icom as a remote station. Not enough sunspots to make it to the Mainland from Maui on 40 and 80 meters at mid afternoon!


Join us!


Joe, KH6/W3GW

Maui, Hawaii

At 3:39pm on April 1, 2011, Jan Hattingh said…

Hi Brett! Thank you very much for your interest and the informative comments. I have tried various antenna options, but with the very high electrical noise levels in this area together with the need to keep the installation invisible nothing really worked well enough to attempt contacts. I am now listening with a small MFJ multi-band whip inside the house and reception is passable, but again not usable for two-way communications. Pleased to hear I am not the only one experiencing variations in CW performance from day to day! Internet is perhaps an option, but I will have to get a better and more reliable system going. In the meantime I will try to improve my CW skills :-) 73.


Jan ZS6BMN, near Pretoria, South Africa

At 11:06pm on July 10, 2011, Jim Johns said…

Brett -


I understand the "crazy line."  I've passed it a number of times over the past few years.  My gold plated Chevron and dropping $$$ everytime I bump into Pietro Begali with his paddles and keys are two examples.  Next step is buying an illuminated display cabinet for the keys / paddles I'm not using at the moment. 




At 2:43am on July 20, 2011, Imre Forro HA7AP said…

Hi Brett!

I had a QSO with Chuck, W5UXH via AA0HW Chuck's remote station.

It was a fantastic experience, and he also recorded our QSO.

You can listen to it here:

I hope to work with you too, on air or on icw :-)


      73 Imi HA7AP

At 1:24pm on July 21, 2011, Brett Miller said…



Hello!  It would be great to work CW with you too, and you may be interested to know I own a Frattini key as is his Semimagnetico, which is like a combination of a paddle and a bug.  You are probably familiar with it already, mine is serial number 0080, and he built it for me sometime around 2004-2005.  It has a nice feel, but I still need a lot of practice to master it and its adjustment.  For hand sending, I typically prefer 25-35 wpm, with an occasional foray to 40 for short bursts if I am feeling confident, but typically switch to a keyboard for 40 and above.  Hope to hear you I am still working on a convenient iCW solution and will probably settle on a hardware/software combination. 


73 de KI4DBK


At 2:11am on July 22, 2011, Imre Forro HA7AP said…

Hello Brett!

Oh yes! I know all of Alberto's key's.

He has a real great taste for key's, and all are beautiful instruments.

I just ordered a new AGA Chevron, which will arrive sometimes around in August :-)

About practicing.........I've been practicing sending cw by hand all my life and am still not good :-))

I would say 25-35 wpm is the best conversational speed by using a paddle or bug.

Unfortunately I am a lousy keyboard operator, since i find out that I can type with two fingers and my max speed on keyboard  is around 27 wpm. :((((

I really hope you will manage to assemble your iCW set up soon.

73 de HA7AP


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