Comment by Chuck aa0hw on March 20, 2020 at 8:07pm

Here is a new method for QRQ CW copy practice using a FLAC FILE recording of actual RF LF BAND QRQ CW signals and be able to scan the band and pick and choose which signal to listen to using an SDR APP...this FLAC FILE has 12 QRQ CW signals on it from 61wpm to 83wpm scanning LF BAND RF FREQUENCIES from 61 Khz to 83 Khz.... you can download this FLAC FILE here(about 12 minutes in length):

here is a video demo of doing just that:

brief demo of recording 12 different QRQ CW signals at different speeds on the LF BAND directly - from 61 Khz to 83 Khz - using a 192 Khz sample rate sound card and Audacity...export the Audacity recording at 192 Khz sample rate into a FLAC the FLAC FILE using VLC and use an SDR with the FLAC FILE as its input and then scan the LF BAND on the SDR for each of the 12 QRQ CW signals and listen to any of the QRQ CW transmissions with the SDR controls

experimental method for QRQ CW copy by ear practice
there are 12 QRQ CW transmissions on the flac file
- from 61 Khz to 83 Khz...each signal can be captured and heard using an SDR program

the output of the FLAC media player would usually go to a virtual audio cable(for windows), soundflower VAC(for MAC) or using JACK for linux and you can directly wire the LF RF output from the FLAC FILE playing by VLC to the input of the SDR

if you would like to try this on your desktop..using your own SDR and media need to adjust your sound card's sample rate to 192 Khz


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