Christian CW OPs: use your QRQ skills for STEALTH communication with other Christian CWops in countries where Christians are persecuted

This method uses 3Khz VLF RF CW over ip that is encrypted & stealth modulated

using MicroModulation methods to encode stealth, LiVE text messaging data onto an a VLF 3kHZ AM CARRIER wave .. can't see anything, or hear anything - sounds and looks like a 'dead' carrier wave with nothing on it...

METHODS the secret ENCODER/DECODER is ZAMGATE in sidechain mode, where CW at the same frequency as the carrier is added to the carrier in -70db amounts per CW ELEMENT

FLdigi 'key's CW into the TX ZAMGATE SIDECHAIN PORT FLdigi reads the output of the RX ZAMGATE DECODER(and/or you can just listen to the CW decoded audio that the RX zamgate outputs)

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