CW Copy By Ear Practice - 22 separate signals from 20 wpm to 90 wpm - use your SDR APP to pick which one

22 individual CW software KEYBOARDs are sending a CW text file from 500 hertz up to 11Khz

separated individually by 500 hertz from one signal to another

to pick a CW SPEED/signal that you would like to copy by ear - use your SDR

- here is a quick example of doing that here with a LINUX SDR APP

the SDR isolates each signal, and the SDR usually has a bandpass/bandwidth filter you can use to keep the other signals out of the target signal and you will only hear the 1 signal you choose from the other 21 signals that surrounds it....

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on November 21, 2020 at 6:40am

Here is a quick example of using an SDR to copy just one of the 22 CW signals

This example uses the SDR MODULES from RECRI KEYER/ AD5DZ

SETUP - the original VIDEO/AUDIO file is played that contains multiple signals from 500 hertz to 11 Khz with CW speeds from 20 wpm to 90 wpm

the signal/speed choice was the one playing at 6Khz for this demo

the first SDR MODULE isolates the 6khz with the FILTER MODULE

the 2nd SDR MODULE isolates the CW via an LO MIXER set to 6700 (for a 700hz tone)

the 3rd SDR MODULE filters out the mixing products above or below the 700 hz tone

the 4th SDR MODULE amplifies the 700 hz final CW TONE to about -6 db output

many SDR's will work with the youtube CW PRACTICE videos that have multiple FREQs/SIGNALs/CW SPEEDs etc...




SDRsharp SDR

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on November 23, 2020 at 10:52am

A Morse Code CW Pile-up of Biblical Proportion - use QUISK SDR to sort it all out

this is a follow up video from the first video where 22 separate, individual CW signals were jammed into a space of about 11 khz wide

this video shows QUISK SDR individually isolating each of the 22 signals and demo'D them into a CW AUDIO TONE output to the sound card...and then...

the CW RE-KEYER method is applied to get rid of the QRN/qrm background noise from YOUTUBE's audio processing of the original 22 cw signals in the LF and VLF band


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