Wireless CW Keyer - 40 khz LF Band TX/RX - using 2 High Q Ferrite Bobbin Core Inductor Coil Antennas

wireless transmission from the CW KEYER - keying a 555 at 40 Khz - to a wireless LF RF BAND software receiver - demod'N the 40 Khz CW Keyer LF BAND transmitter's CW

the TX and RX antenna are using a high Q , series/parallel resonated FERRITE BOBBIN CORE INDUCTOR COIL - @2mH each - series and parallel resonating capacitors are both .01 uF

The RX COIL connects directly to the PC's LINE INPUT or MIC INPUT

the LF/RF/filter/demod/AF/filter the 40Khz CW to a 680 hz CW Tone,

the RECRI KEYER SDR modules are used...which is the CW AUDIO you hear on this video https://github.com/recri/keyer

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on November 26, 2020 at 7:47am

Here is another video demo of a 40 Khz QRQ CW signal using a

TWIN-COIL Ferrite Rod Cage TX/RX Antenna to PC Sound Card interface:

TWIN COIL - FERRITE ROD CAGE ANTENNA LF - RF - PC interface (PC sound card sample rate is set to 192Khz)



40 Khz QRQ CW signal on 2mH COIL, series fed to resonate at 40 Khz by the .01 uF series CAP



40 Khz, parallel resonated by another .01 uF cap across both COIL LEADS and connects directly to PC MIC INPUT jack RECRI KEYER providing all the CW and SDR modules to SEND and RECEIVE CW signals on the LF band at 40Khz https://github.com/recri/keyer



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