CW keying data attoWatt modulation of a 12Khz VLF RF carrier: ZamGate DECODER converts it back to CW

experimental CW KEYING DATA modulation of a 12Khz VLF RF carrier that uses attoWatt modulation to achieve its goal of sending CW through the VLF CARRIER with the embedded attoWatt CW Keying data on it...


VLF RF signal, is sent to a ZamGate sidechain GATE APP, which is able to extract the CW Keying data present on the VLF RF signal, and uses that extracted CW KEYING data to key its own sine wave CPO

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 11, 2022 at 2:04pm

Here is another example of ENB-CW(Extreme Narrow Band-CW)

demo of using attoWatt modulation of a 12Khz VLF Carrier to key CW, & compare its TRANSMIT bandwidth to the typical A1 mode CW keying at the same freq and same RIG

here is a ZOOM VIEW close up of the embedded CW elements laying on top of the VLF carrier wave

"RIG" is a soundcard SDR from: RECRI KEYER -

ATTOwatt encoder uses @ 63 attowatts( -132 dBm) of 12Khz VLF power to be added to the 12Khz VLF carrier as per CW ELEMENT using a "ZAMGATE" APP(sidechain gate) and a 12Khz sine wave oscillator

see previous video for some additional details about this setup here:

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 11, 2022 at 5:35pm

Here is a close up the attoWatt CW Element embedded on the 12Khz carrier ZOOMed over 100 times to be able to see it...      (click on picture below to get a larger screen view of this)

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 13, 2022 at 9:24am

here is another EXAMPLE of ENB-CW in action,  RASPBERRY PI 4 ENB-CW Transmitter & LAPTOP ENB-CW Receiver 

continuation(from previous videos of this concept) of using EXTREME NARROW BAND(ENB) CW experiments using microscopic modulation of CW KEYING DATA onto the 'surface' of a VLF RF CARRIER

this demo uses a Raspberry PI 4 ENB-CW Transmitter and a LAPTOP ENB-CW Receiver by an RTSP SERVER and RTSP CLIENT(VLF RF over IP) setup to send the PI4 TRANSMITTER's attowatt modulation of CW KEYING DATA embedded onto a 6Khz VLF carrier wave from the PI 4 to the LAPTOP

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 14, 2022 at 2:16pm

another example of ENB-CW in action, this time using 200 wpm CW to microscopically modulate a 48Khz LF RF Carrier Wave for the purpose of sending TEXT MESSAGEs over the LF RF carrier

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 15, 2022 at 10:55am

2 Tone Narrow-Band CW digital mode - send & receive both CW & text messages with 1K & 2K pilot tones

experimental micro-modulation of a 1Khz & 2Khz pilot tones to carry CW KEYING DATA and CW TEXT keying DATA

ZamGate decoder 1 - takes the EMBEDDED CW keying data from the 1Khz pilot tone and converts it back into a CW audio tone

ZamGate decoder 2 - takes the EMBEDDED CW text keying data from the 2Khz pilot tone and converts it back into a CW audio tone and sends it to the input of FLdigi for decoding CW back into TEXT MESSAGEs (comes in handy if you want to send a WEB LINK to another)

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 17, 2022 at 1:47pm

another example of streaming LIVE, over ip, ENB-CW using a micro-modulated 48Khz VLF/LF RF Carrier

another demo of QRQ ENB-CW, showing by oscilloscope, the CW Keying data that is embedded onto the surface of a 48Khz VLF/LF RF carrier WAVE uses ZamGate in sidechain mode to ENCODE/DECODE the CW Keying Data

for more info and examples of ENB-CW, please see the playlist here:

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 19, 2022 at 9:46pm

another example of ENB-CW - using a 21Khz VLF ENB-CW Transmitter & Receiver, both using Ferrite antennas

using Ferrite Core VLF Antennas for both Transmit & Receive

a Raspberry PI 4 is the VLF RF 21Khz Transmitter using its own analogue headphone jack audio output jack, going to a 30 watt CLASS-D audio amp to a FERRITE ROD TRANSMIT ANTENNA

a laptop's soundcard SDR's FERRITE BOBBIN CORE INDUCTOR COIL antenna picks up the PI4's ENB-CW signal and converts it back into CW

both TX and RX use ZAMGATE, to encode and decode CW Keying data onto the 21Khz CARRIER wave

see this playlist for more examples and setups of ENB-CW operations

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 21, 2022 at 11:34am

2 VLF CW signals only 100 hertz apart using ENB-CW modulation: Pi4 transmitter & laptop SDR receiver

Raspberry PI 4 soundcard SDR VLF transmitter sending two VLF RF ENB-CW signals out at the same time to the same FERRITE TRANSMIT ANTENNA

- FIRST at 12Khz

- SECOND at 12.1Khz

Laptop soundcard SDR receiver ferrite core antenna picks up the pi4's Transmit ENB-CW signals and they are decoded by its own ZamGateX2 ENB-CW decoder back into the original CW Notes from the PI4 transmitter's CW KEYBOARDs that are feeding the PI4's ZamGateX2 ENB-CW encoders

see this playlist for more examples and setup info on ENB-CW

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on February 13, 2022 at 3:56pm

TX/RX ENB-CW(Extreme Narrow Band CW) over the Discord Desktop APP - LIVE demo

for this DEMO a 550 hertz tone is setup as the BASE TRANSMITTER CARRIER, broadcasting on one of the voice channels on the iCW Discord Server.... then all CW OPs send the same CW TONE to the Discord Server to add a very tiny amount of the same 550 hertz ELF RF POWER to the 550 hertz CARRIER wave, creating "bumps" on the 550 hz CARRIER WAVE that can be decoded by the ZAMGATE Sidechain Gate APP from the RECEIVE AUDIO output of their Discord APP

see the playlist for more info on ENB-CW:

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on February 17, 2022 at 2:40pm

ENB-CW(Extreme Narrow Band CW) over OPUS(128Khz bitrate) over IP - QRQ TX/RX test RTSP SERVER/client

ENB-CW Encoding/decoding requires a certain amount of "fidelity" of the VLF CARRIER/enb-cw encoded/decoded data stream...

there are certain frequencies of the ENB-CW VLF Carrier that produce higher reliability - 720 hertz was one carrier frequency that tested to provide best results and used in this example...

at 48k sound card sample rate, using the OPUS CODEC at 128K bitrate( just high enough to provide "good enough" 'fidelity' ) a brief TX/RX test is run with this ENB-CW ENCODER/DECODER setup

Gstreamer provides the VLF RF over IP send/receive pipelines


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