experimental Morse Code CW Braille Encoder/Decoder: Micro Modulate CW Keying data onto a VLF Carrier

experimental setup to encode CW KEYING DATA that looks a bit like BRAILLE onto a 16Khz VLF RF carrier - basically micro-modulating the tiniest increase in the 16Khz VLF RF carrier's power output that is directly in line with the timing of the arriving CW ELEMENTs that encoded the CW "BRAILLE" onto the VLF RF carrier by the ZAMGATE CW BRAILLE encoder

uses software apps

1. sine wave generator for the CW BRAILLE DECODER

2. ZamGate in sidechain mode to encode & decode the CW BRAILLE data

3. software CW KEYER this example uses Recri Keyer




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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 7, 2022 at 1:07pm

Here is another example of using the micro-modulation of VLF carriers, on MUMBLE on the iCW Server:

testing a different way to SEND CW OVER IP on mumble on the iCW pro Mumble Server...


- instead of sending CW AUDIO TONES over Mumble, VLF RF micro-modulated Carriers are sent instead, with each OP using a different VLF frequency(VLF freqs up to about 11Khz are possible using the OPUS audio codec...above 11Khz, the mumble OPUS codec does not due well processing VLF above 11Khz and the micro-modulation method starts to falter and fail)

Each OP can ENCODE/decode using their own soundcard SDR modules, also, needs ZAMGATE to encode and decode the CW DATA onto and from the VLF CARRIERs


ZamGate encodes and... extracts & decodes, the micro modulation of the VLF CARRIER by adding a tiny bit of power, in phase to the otherwise steady VLF carrier wave.... when any CW from the CW KEYER arrives and triggers the ZAMGATE TRANSMIT ENCODER to pass through the same source of the VLF RF CARRIER generator...which adds just a bit of extra power to the vlf carrier according to the arriving CW that is keying ZamGate's sidechain trigger port


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