FLdigi QRQ CW keys an H11F1 FET which keys a 555 OSC 555, 555 output goes to an AUDIO to MIDI app which keys a software CPO

DEMO OF FLdigi QRQ CW sending at 80 wpm, using its SERIAL PORT RTS pin keying feature, keys an H11F1 fet opto isolator which keys a 555's (pin 4/pos) which sends its output square wave at @2600 hertz to the MIC INPUT of a laptop...which sends that 2600 555 square wave to the input of an AUDIO to MIDI app called TRIGGER MIDI MONO(TMM) TRIGGER MIDI MONO precisely clones the timing of the CW ELEMENT LENGTHs and sends CW KEYING data to a RECRI KEYER tone generator that has adjustable VOLUME, PITCH, rise/fall time, AND WAVE SHAPING programmable design HANN, EXPONENTIAL, GAUSSIAN et al. etc...many choices to choose your edge wave shaping... the output of the RECRI TONE GENERATOR goes to a final CW AUDIO BANDPASS filter to reduce the remaining edge noise to nil ... (if desired)



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