Raspberry pi 4 iCW(CW over IP) station setup - uses CARLA PLUGIN HOST(alsa) with multiple plugins

testing out CARLA's plugin host, using an alsa USB sound card directly, on a Raspberry PI 4...also testing CARLA's experimental feature, 'ADD JACK APPLICATION' to include MUMBLE and a RECRI KEYER CW AUDIO BANDPASS FILTER into the CARLA CONNECTION BAY

FLdigi is keying a 555 square wave oscillator and sending into the PI's usb sound card's LINE INPUT

from there the apps RE-GENERATE that harsh raspy square wave into a PURE SINE WAVE with shaped edges by using the ZAMGATE SIDECHAIN GATE and a SINE WAVE GENERATOR and a RECRI KEYER CW AUDIO BANDPASS FILTER module

all apps show up in the CARLA CONNECTION BAY do you can wire up all the inputs and outputs from app to app



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