Keying QRQ with the AD5DZ CW Keyboard - adjust rig & kb settings while listening to a TRF receiver

demo of using a 2nd receiver, a simple TRF receiver, to adjust your RIG and your KEYBOARD settings, to make sure you are sending cw just like you want...create your own custom CW NOTE with its own type of raised cosine edge, its own weight, rise/fall time... etc.. by listening in real time to this TRF Receiver

TRF Transmitter monitor Receiver circuit is a combo of these two:
AUDIO AMP from here:

AD5DZ software CW KEYER

qrq cw text file used is from TOM's article here

Using an RF SLIDE coaxial ATTENUATOR - found here: page 61-63

This video demo's using it to sample the direct TRANSMIT RF OUTPUT of your HAM RADIO RIG on a TRF RECEIVER...without presenting a 2nd load to your RF OUTPUT circuits...the SLIDE ATTENUATOR is NEVER closed all the way for this purpose ... it appears electrically as an open circuit to the RIG's RF OUTPUT circuits, but still contains enough RF energy for the TRF RECEIVER to demodulate the AM MODULATED CW audio notes the rig is transmitting

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