Elecraft K3S - Keying QRQ CW - A1 mode VERSES A2 mode - LIVE DEMO

Brief demo of keying QRQ CW on the ELECRAFT K3S using A1 mode and A2 mode(AFCW) at 75 wpm to show the CW bandwidth spectrum and CW waveshape differences

A1 MODE = default way to key CW on the K3S , the K3S uses the typical RAISED COSINE at 8 ms rise/fall time and cannot be changed

A2 MODE is done by using the AD5DZ software CW KEYBOARD app
NOTE: there are many CW waveshape settings that CAN be changed using the AD5DZ software CW KEYER utilizing the AFCW A2 MODE producing a much cleaner cw note bandwidth spectrum and improved waveshape with less cw note edge noise being transmitted

The AD5DZ CW KEYER is using 6ms rise/fall time, followed by some CW AUDIO BANDPASS FILTERING plugins before going to the K3S LINE INPUT for transmission on SSB (lsb)

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