Morse Code audio QSO over IP - using the WIRE DESKTOP APP

Brief demo of what a morse code audio QSO over IP sounds like - using the WIRE DESKTOP APP

The Wire Desktop APP software

Secure, end-to-end encrypted messenger for calls, chat, sharing pics, videos, files, GIFs, sketches and more.
Works on mobile, tablet, desktop, and keeps chats always in sync.

NOTE: WIRE allows for up to 10 CW OPs to join the QSO:
"To start a group call:
Start a group conversation.
Click Call .
Everyone in the group conversation will receive a notification that a group call has been initiated. Up to 10 people can join the call.
To end the call, click Hang Up .
* Please note: bandwidth and other resource requirements increase proportionally to the number of participants on the call."

2 CWops qso'N on THE OP is sending a text file from TOM's famous article about copying cw over 70 wpm: what you are hearing, is what 'that' audio cw sounds like...with and without an additional software cw audio bandpass filter...called the GLAME BANDPASS FILTER.

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on August 7, 2017 at 6:07pm

Here is another example of Morse Code Audio over IP using a Linux command line App called - TRX

short demo of how the LINUX AUDIO APP "trx" sounds when sending morse code audio tones over ip from one LINUX computer to another LINUX computer

NOTE: text that is heard is from FLdigi sending over TRX, this article from the legendary qrq cw artist - W4BQF


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