Morse Code over SIP voip call: 4 different audio codecs compared for morse tone quality

Using 2 seperate Jitsi voip clients/computers, that were connected to each other over the internet, this video demonstrates the audio quality of the morse code audio tones as they are transmitted from one SIP CLIENT to the other SIP CLIENT over the Session Initiation Protocol / VOIP / internet pathways. 

Codecs tested for morse code audio quality are:
1. iLBC / 8000
2. Silk / 8000
3. G722 / 16000
4. OPUS / 48000

5. and finally the worst performing codec(iLBC 8000) is RE-tested to see how well it will regenerate and reconstruct into a new morse code audio tone by using a TONE VOLUME Input to trigger a MIDI NOTE OUTPUT using a unique setup - where the midi note output keys a 2nd software sine wave code practice oscillator - all just using REAPER and its own plugins.

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