QRQ CW over iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec) using LINPHONE

Testing the ability of iLBC (internet Low Bitrate Codec) to transmit and receive morse code audio tones over the internet with low bandwidth used and good packet loss concealment. By itself, this codec does not make for pleasant copy, however, if the received tone is regenerated, the iLBC CODEC seems to provide a highly dependable internet audio stream of full duplex morse code audio notes...for a QSO between 2 or more cw ops over the internet with low latency - and good qsk - break-in.

2 computers using LINPHONE, and the SIP protocol, are connected to each other over the internet sending morse code audio tones back and forth using the iLBC codec, one of the many choices inside the codec settings of LINPHONE.(Linphone has versions for MAC, LINUX and WINDOWS)


- even though the iLBC [INTERNET LOW BITRATE CODEC] was designed for voice,  it does a pretty good job of preserving enough of the original cw audio tone to provide a good base for regenerating it -


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