Multi CW OP - Morse Code QSO'n over the internet - with this free STEREO AUDIO CONFERENCING APP

SEREN - FULL MESH, P2P AUDIO, FULL DUPLEX, HIGH FIDELITY, with adjustable bit rate..mono or stereo....using the OPUS CODEC


1st SEREN OPERATOR, will act as the Central SEREN NODE using a Raspberry Pi that is always "ON"...two more SEREN operators will connect to the PI's SEREN NODE and automatically be connected to everyone else connected to the same SEREN node framework...

command line to get SEREN RUNNING on the RASPBERY PI:

1st command line string in terminal on the PI:
just using ALSA...(NO pulseaudio, NO jack audio)
"seren -d hw:2 -D hw:6 -a -n Raspberry_Pi"
hw:2 is the usb sound card for PLAYBACK
hw:6 is the LINE INPUT of another USB sound card
-a will allow the pi to auto answer
-n is the nick name the pi will use
once SEREN loads, change the BIT RATE with the command
"/b 64000" or whatever bit rate you prefer...
(on your router, port forward - port 8110 - to the PI's internal ip address) (make NOTE of the external ip address the pi is using...and send that ip address to your fellow operators so they all can connect to your conference call)(port 8110 is the default port for SEREN)

on a LINUX MINT 17 laptop using the following commands:
"seren -d pulse -a -n CWop_1"(-d pulse uses PULSEAUDIO for the SEREN AUDIO device, the -a allows automatic answering, -n is the nick name you call yourself for Seren to broadcast to the others)
then once SEREN LOADS, change the bit rate again to 64000
"/b 64000"
then connect to the pi with this command
"/c (ip address of the pi's SEREN)...or even the ip address anyone else that is connected - will automatically connect a new arrival with all of the rest of the other participants in the SEREN AUDIO CONFERENCE)"


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