Python APP for a VLF 12Khz AM modulated Transmitter & Receiver - VOICE & CW over iP - Live DEMO

using a modified PYTHON SCRIPT from:

a VLF 12Khz AM Transmitter & Receiver is constructed creating a 4 CHANNEL VLF RF Over IP TX & RX APPs

more info about the script is from a previous video demo here:

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on September 7, 2022 at 9:07am

Python APP for a Full DUPLEX, Full QSK, REMOTE RIG AUDIO OVER ip - Remote Laptop to Raspberry Pi/Rig

using a modified PYTHON SCRIPT from:

this video shows a send & receive CW to and from the RIG PI INTERFACE example...

NOTE: this demo is using an ancient Pi2b

-even better performance would be experienced by using a pi4 for this setup

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on September 10, 2022 at 9:25am

Python APP to filter a CPO, send it to soundcard output @NEAR ZERO LATENCY &TX over ip to another OP

DEMO of RASPBERRY PI 4 using a modified PYTHON SCRIPT from:

NOTE: the Pi4 PYTHON code can also include a FULL DUPLEX 2 WAY QSO operation, in this video only 1 way was utilized going from pi4 TX to laptop RCVR

NOTE: the pi4 usb soundcard = Behringer UCA222 at 48K sample rate, at 3 periods of 128 buffer frames

NOTE: in this example, the ALSA AUDIO ENGINE is used after discovering which alsa sound card = the Behringer UCA222 by terminal command aplay -l


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