QRQ CW in AFCW mode - test transmit 1 watt and observe audio quality and spectrum purity on webSDR

short test by transmitting CW at 1 watt on 10 meters - going to a websdr rcvr to listen and record the sound - look for how well using AFCW MODE on an ELECRAFT K3S performs for its spectral purity and waveform preservation of a well constructed raised cosine edged CW NOTE made by the ZamGate CW RE-Keyer - transmitted by an Elecraft K3S using a remote laptop sending the CW TONE transmit audio to the rig over ip on the local area network, going through routers and switches

everything looks and sounds pretty good...
CW wave form remained intact...no distortion, no spurious signals...no audio glitches from the remote laptop sending the transmit cw audio tones over ip on the LAN to the K3S raspberry PI USB SOUND CARD interface using (ZITA-NJbridge "audio OVER ip" APP - https://kokkinizita.linuxaudio.org/linuxaudio/

FLdigi's RT QSK CONTROL PORT, was used to "key" the ZamGate CW RE-Keyer...the ZamGate CW RE-Keyer creates a new CW NOTE with the exact timing as the original FLdigi cw note, ZamGate CW RE-KEYER creates its own raised cosine edges and also includes post HP and LP filtering to create a purer spectrum audio cw output than would otherwise be possible by just depending on the RISE & FALL time of 7 to 8 ms that the K3S RIG itself is capable of....

The K3S's own USB SOUND CARD is listening on its USB SOUND CARD LINE INPUT port for any audio to transmit on UPPER SIDE BAND...that CW AUDIO is provided by the RASPBERRY PI USB interface where the PI's ZITA-NJBridge APP, pipes in the audio from the remote laptop over ip, to the K3S USB SOUND CARD LINE INPUT

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