QRQ CW Sidetone input for Mumble Voice Chat using MFJ-451 CW Keyboard & a telephone pickup coil

This is a follow up to the previous video using a CW KEYER:

in this video, QRQ CW from an MFJ-451 CW KEYBOARD is utilized as the example

most of the modern PCs & Laptops on Windows 10 - do not have DIRECT audio INPUT MONITORING available...this video demoS a way to listen to your CW SIDETONE from the MFJ-451 CW Keyboard as usual but also send the same cw sidetone you are hearing from the MFJ-451 SPEAKER over to the mumble input through a simple, cheap, telephone pickup coil -connecting to the MIC INPUT or LINE INPUT of your soundcard

for more info on iCW

here is the RECEIVE Mumble bandpass filter used in this example:

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