YPLog QRQ CW Keyboard sending CW on Windows 10 using VoiceMeeter Potatoe - iCW example

YPLog is known as one of the most versatile and adjustable QRQ CW Keyer programs of all time...and this video demo's it working well on Windows 10 - to send CW to the Mumble Voice Chat input on iCW

using the new VOICEMEETER POTATOE(VMP) windows audio mixer APP https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/potato.htm

The new VMP now includes 3 of its own virtual audio cables...
2 are used for the Mumble INput and OUTput as before....and now...the 3rd virtual audio cable on VMP is used for desktop audio ...so that when you load up apps like YPLog...which do not have an option to select its playback sound card....VMP will use its 3rd virtual audio cable to capture the YPLog default sound card audio output and send it to your sound card so you can hear it and to the Mumble INput so others can hear your cw - who are listening inside your iCW Mumble Server Channel

having 3 virtual audio cables included for VMP really helps to get your iCW setups working much easier...VMP now has everything you need to get your CW QSOs going on Mumble when using software CW KEYBOARDS such as YPLog, FLdigi, CWType et al ...

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