QRQ CW wearable speaker - using a flat panel speaker and the CW AUDIO CANNON

one of the challenges when using a speaker for "copy by ear" listening to QRQ CW audio tones, is that the pure sine cw audio tones bounce off the walls, floor and ceiling of the room you are in and can cause all kinds of weird effects...this experimental combo of using a surplus, 5 buck, 4 ohm, flat panel speaker and the CW AUDIO CANNON https://youtu.be/dEOZZmNQlFw really worked well for pushing aside all the usual side effects of listening to a pure sine wave qrq cw audio with a speaker in a room... i could adjust the height of the harness, in relation to where the speaker sits, and the angle of the flat speaker to the ceiling etc... and be able to move my head around without getting audio phase errors and cancellation etc ...which you normally get using just the typical speaker in a room, with pure sine wave qrq cw audio tones, when you move your ear away from that 'sweet spot' location...

In this video, you can hear how changing the position of the speaker effects how it sounds, as i move the speaker around in relation to the WEBCAM mic...The webcam microphone is what is picking up the cw audio tones you hear in this video from the QRQ CW wearable speaker

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on March 9, 2019 at 7:06am

Here is a brief LIVE DEMO of the CW AUDIO CANNON 

brief demo of using a BASS SPEAKER CABINET, PLASTIC PORT TUBE to increase the CW AUDIO volume output of a RADIO SHACK communications speaker - the main BLACK PORT TUBE itself is resonant at around 800 hertz....by adding the adjustable outer sliding tube...you can lower the pitch from there, if you prefer a cw audio tone below 800 hertz

NOTE: there are 4 plastic white nuts&bolts at the base flange of the tube, to allow it to sit on the speaker with a slight air gap

is the outer tube slider sleeve...which you can view at the link below, the outer adjustable tube slider sleeve allows you to make the tube mechanically longer, thus lowering the audio resonant frequency

Parts Express Speaker Cabinet Port Tube 2-1/2" ID Adjustable



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