Receiving QRQ CW over the SLF BAND: LIVE demo: 50 hertz CW sent at 50 wpm: RX converts 50hz to 780hz

SETUP an SLF CW TRANSMITTER is sending at 50 wpm using 50 hertz SLF RF going to a FERRITE ROD SLF CW TRANSMIT ANTENNA - powered by a cheap class D 30 watt audio amp with the FERRITE SLF CW TRANSMIT ANTENNA hooked up to the CLASS D audio amp's output

Another FERRITE ROD SLF CW RECEIVE ANTENNA is hooked up to the laptop's mic input jack and a SOUND CARD SDR module/(mixer) converts the incoming 50hz SLF RF CW to 780hz ULF audio CW

SDR MODULES used in this demo are from:

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