Remote Control of an Elecraft K3S for CW mode - using a Raspberry Pi

40 METER LIVE CW QSO with W2XB using this remote setup:

the remote site where the remote op is located, is a WINDOWS 10 computer, over the internet, connecting to the K3S Elecraft's Raspberry Pi hardware/software interface via Tight VNC viewer and JackTrip(audio). The audio from and to the K3S, is achieved in low latency using JACKTRIP(has windows version too... here):

on the pi start the jacktrip server - jacktrip -s
on the window computer - jacktrip -c "ip address of the pi"
(via VNCremote u can wire up all the jacktrip connections on the pi) here are the connections on the windows 10 side:

to send remote cw via the paddles and st key, EhoCW is used on the remote windows computer, since it has both iambic and st key/serial port interface hookups possible on just one serial port, or USB SERIAL PORT ADAPTER

the cw keyboards of CWTYPE and FLDIGI are demo'd in this video working from the windows 10 remote station.

so all morse code instruments can be used remotely,

The ELECRAFT K3S, has its own sound card, which is used for the input sound card of the PI ...the output of the PI's own analogue sound card is used to key the RIG's PTT and CW JACK in proper sequence. (just for FLdigi using FLdigi's RT qsk control...since JACKTRIP is STEREO, the RT qsk channel keys the PTT first then the CW jack of the rig, using 2 AUDIO DERIVED CW KEYING CIRCUITS: see here:


the pi uses the JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT, and also is using 2 different for the input and another one for the output.. for the pi audio input soundcard, the ELECRAFT's USB SOUND CARD is selected in qjackctl, and for the pi's audio output sound card, the pi's own internal analogue sound card is selected in qjackctl. The K3S sends its audio over JackTrip to the remote site's computer JackTrip client... the audio is received from the client over JackTrip to the pi and sent out from the pi's own internal analogue sound card to the cw keying circuits inputs in order to trigger the closing of the PTT and the CW JACKs... FLdigi uses both the PTT and the CW jack audio derived cw keying circuits...the K3S keys qrq much better when the PTT is activated just before the CW JACK is keyed...

also ... A remote IP CAMera is utilized to view the oscilloscope to watch the RF output of the K3S....but i imagine the pi could use its own camera module and a viewing app(like CHEESE), that you could see over the VNC remote browser...

Note:  both computers are using the JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT....(jacktrip uses Jack on both windows and the pi's RASPBIAN LINUX OS)

for the windows, look in the QRQcw youtube channel for JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT tutorials...same for the pi...

- also on the pi,  the AUTOSTATIC REPOS are recommended - to get the best jack apps versions installed and running on the pi....


on the PI  ,  Grig is used...simple linux app that was pretty easy to setup on the pi's  RASPBIAN OS...

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