K7FJ - CW Morse Code KEYBOARD APP - CWMaestro - live demo

CWMaestro - A morse code cw sending keyboard program written for the DOS operating system decades ago...still working by using the DOSBOX program which has versions for windows, linux and mac. This keyboard software also has a logging program and adjustable cw timing settings, hot key creator, custom messages...etc...
CWMaestro is a very versatile program with many other features too...and has a very good CW MAESTRO DOCUMENTS FILE explaining all the features and how to use them.

if interested, please contact DON, via his address listed at QRZ.

NOTE: the audio output of the dosbox/audio tone, is a bit on the rough/harsh sounding side, so to take care of that issue, a cw regeneration method is used to "clone" the original tone, and re-create it by keying a special software sine wave synthesizer with adjustable pitch, volume, rise & fall times.

NOTE: the scope is showing the original audio tone from dosbox on the LEFT//TOP(GREEN) of both scopes...and the regenerated tone is shown on the RIGHT//BOTTOM(RED) of both scopes.

REAPER and 3 of its own plugins are used to do this.
PATH: audio output of dosbox goes to input of a Reaper track...the first effects vst plugin in the track is an audio to midi note output gate trigger...called REAGATE, that sends a MIDI NOTE OUTPUT that perfectly duplicates the length of the original cw element length input, when the input volume just goes over the threshold setting of REAGATE. The reagate send midi note output (78) feature tells the next plugin, REASYNTH, to send a sine wave output at a pitch of about 740 hertz. another reaper plugin called the APPLE 12 filter, is setup as a final bandpass filter to polish the sounds of the final cw audio output.

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