Send QRQ CW using a LINUX CW KEYBOARD that appears on your WINDOWS 10 PC in Real Time at Near Zero Latency

uses a remote RASPBERRY PI 4 that hosts the LINUX CW KEYBOARD from AD5DZ - RECRI KEYER - using SSH -X on windows to bring up the PI4 CW KEYBOARD on the WINDOWS 10 DESKTOP (uses REALvnc to attach the connections from the CW KEYBOARD MIDI OUTPUT to the APPLE MIDI RTP MIDI OVER IP INPUT on the PI 4 desktop) instead of sending CW AUDIO from the LINUX/RASPBERRY PI 4 CW KEYBOARD, to the windows 10 laptop over ip, CW keyboard output MIDI DATA is sent instead, over RTP using rtpmidiD on the PI and APPLE MIDI RTPMidi APP on the windows 10 laptop

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