The GNU RADIO CW Keyboard - sending QRQ CW at 99 wpm test

using the PATCH above... the first test of using the GNU RADIO CW KEYBOARD is done at a QRQ CW speed of 99 wpm... and GNU RADIO's modular SETUP for this CW KEYBOARD really did a great job - excellent sounding QRQ CW keying at this high speed...

NOTE: i was not able to test the .grc "alternative" cw keyboard PATCH, where it uses a 2nd screen for typing in real time...(my Lubuntu OS is too old of a version)

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Comment by Steve Steltzer on October 14, 2020 at 3:11pm

You're amazing Chuck. The bible is hard enough to "copy" reading it. It's very hard to copy even at 60 with all the unfamiliar words. At 99 all I could catch was enough to know it was the Bible :-)

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on October 15, 2020 at 5:05am

...indeed Steve,  on the unfamiliar words being difficult to copy if not already in our repertoire of whole word sound vocabulary... I thought that this GNU RADIO CW Keyboard patch did an excellent job of sending with accurate CW TIMING and a very good sounding raised cosine CW NOTE...with some extra mods to the GNU RADIO patch for creating a better LIVE, REAL TIME,  separate typing keyboard screen,  without having to use their BROWSER WEBPAGE SOCKET method...this GNU RADIO CW KEYBOARD, might really be developed into a fine QRQ CW keyboard


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