The QRQ CW RE-Keyer System - a harsh square wave IN - pure sine wave OUT - with Raised Cosine edges

demo of taking the harsh square wave output of any kind of keyed CPO or CW Keyer's audio output - and RE-KEYING it exactly but transforming it to a pure sine wave CW NOTE with Raised Cosine edges (only takes 6 milliseconds from start to finish) uses ZAMGATE in SIDECHAIN MODE which has a pure sine wave TONE GENERATOR connected to Zamgate port 1, but the sine wave is held back from going through Zamgate to its output, until it is keyed by the harsh square wave keying Zamgate's port 2...once keyed, Zamgate also puts an adjustable amount of RISE/FALL time on its final CW NOTE output - it is trapezoidal until it passes through a very low latency HIGH PASS FILTER - LOW PASS FILTER combo from back to back FILTA plugins



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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on October 5, 2020 at 11:35am

Here is the same setup with PADDLES and a STRAIGHT KEY - also with all the APPs housed into one PLUGIN by the genius coding of the INGEN modular audio processing system APP

in this video CW PADDLES and STRAIGHT KEY are used to key all of the previous CW-RE-KEYER apps, that are now all put together as just ONE LV2 PLUGIN that was created using the INGEN modular audio processing system APP allowing you to bring it all back just the way you want to operate, after saving it the way you prefer...

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on October 5, 2020 at 5:09pm

Here is a live demo of using an MFJ 451 keying a TLC555 Tone Oscillator whose output goes to the input of the CW RE-Keyer system

this video is a brief demo follow up from the first video in this series here:

NOTE: the first video covers the CW RE-KEYER software APPs

this video shows the bread-boarded 555 circuit being keyed by an MFJ 451 CW KEYBOARD ...the output of the 555 goes to the PC's MIC INPUT JACK and then into the software RE-KEYING system as previously described in the previous video linked above NOTE: this particular 555 is powered from the MIC JACK VOLTAGE SUPPLY itself and no battery is needed...the TLC555 is operated at its lowest voltage supply region...

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on October 9, 2020 at 5:11am

CW RE-KEYER setup for Windows 10 users

This is a follow up video from the previous one here: - same setup, but for Windows 10, a different free BANDPASS FILTER VST PLUGIN is used - Mbandpass sine wave tone generator ZamGate has a Windows VST PLUGIN version CARLA VST HOST for windows

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on October 13, 2020 at 7:55pm

Here is another example of using the CW RE-KEYER SYSTEM, with the YPLog CW keyboard at 60 wpm

similar to the previous video on this QRQ CW Re-Keying system this video uses the Engineers Filter VST Plugin for the CW bandpass ZamGate VST plugin in sidechain mode SINE WAVE TONE GENERATOR VST PLUGIN CW RE-KEYER SYSTEM PLAYLIST

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on October 16, 2020 at 10:17am

Here is another use for the CW  RE-KEYER SYSTEM - practicing WHOLE WORD SOUND COPY using Fabian's QRQ APP 

see previous CW RE-KEYER PLAYLIST videos for more info on this setup:


ZamGate VST plugin (in sidechain mode)





Comment by Chuck aa0hw on October 16, 2020 at 2:15pm

Specialized QRQ CW audio Raised Cosine filter by AD5DZ - 80 wpm test - LIVE demo using the CW RE-KEYER SYSTEM

demo of the filter module from AD5DZ's RECRI KEYER software APPs

to demo this filter, a text file is sent at 80 wpm, with a harsh audio output to key the sidechain gate of ZAMGATE, which is one of the APPs used in the CW RE-KEYER SYSTEM :


CW RE-KEYER SYSTEM PLAYLIST **************************************************

the output of the CW RE-KEYER SYSTEM, ZAMGATE, is a pure sine wave with TRAPEZOIDAL edges, at a certain RISE/FALL time that you select on the ZAMGATE controls ATTACK/RELEASE

this ZAMGATE OUTPUT goes to the input of the AD5DZ CW AUDIO FILTER where you dial in the bandwidth and the ORDER(length) until it suits your preference for COPY BY EAR...


Comment by Chuck aa0hw on October 23, 2020 at 12:13pm

Here is another development in this CW RE-KEYER -  fine tuning the CW weight with better control


BRIEF demo of sending QRQ CW at 75 wpm, & showing the benefits of adding the ZAMGATE VST sidechain gate plugin before the reagate/sineCW64 plugin for CW REGENERATION, CW RE-KEYER SYSTEM setups.... the addition of adding ZAMGATE allows better fine tuning of the WEIGHT

- a 5 khz square wave tone was at the input of the CW RE-KEYER system for this demo

if you would like to test this sine64 VST3 plugin on your Windows 10 64 bit have to unzip & put this VST3 plugin folder into your - Program Files/Common Files/VST3 folder - and re-scan for vst plugins with your VST HOST

NOTE: not sure it will work without the synthedit 1.4 64 bit software installed and loaded once:

sineCW64 7zip FILE download:

see this playlist for more info on setting up the CW RE-Keyer SYSTEM

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on November 1, 2020 at 6:19am

good example of the harsh raspy square wave of a typical CW Keyer's audio output and then converting it to a pure sine wave CW NOTE with raised cosine edges - see and hear the difference 

another demo using the CW RE-Keyer methonds from this playlist:

this video shows and plays the typical CW KEYER's harsh raspy square wave cw audio output and then converts it to a SINE WAVE CW note with adjustable, shaped, raised cosine edges and lets you see & hear it too...

using 3 VST PLUGINs


TONEGENERATOR VST plugin(for its pure sine wave)

ZAMGATE PLUGIN(sidechain mode)

Mbandpass VST PLUGIN(bandpass mode)



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