YPLog CW Keyboard on Windows 10 - better CW audio output quality using CW Regeneration - LIVE DEMO

Brief demo showing the original audio output waveshape and sound spectrum output from YPLog's own audio engine...and then taking that original YPLog audio output from this CW Keyboard and Regenerating it to help improve the YPLog CW NOTE waveshape, edges, and audio spectrum.
NOTE: on video, the first text copied /pasted in yplog was supposed to be that yplog was using its own audio engine(not the regenerated audio)

if interested...here are a couple of articles about this procedure:

there are several videos about this topic in this QRQcw YouTube channel search for : sineCW, cw regeneration , VoiceMeeter, JackRouter,

BASIC OUTLINE Of the CW Regeneration process on Windows 10:

- VoiceMeeter is used for its single virtual audio cable...
- windows default playback device is selected to use VoiceMeeter's virtual audio cable - named VoiceMeeter Vaio
- VoiceMeeter's a1 soundcard is chosen to use JackRouter
- When YPLog loads, it does not have its own menu selection for sound card, so it always uses the windows Default sound card...which in this example is VoiceMeeter's virtual audio cable called VoiceMeeter Vaio

- VoiceMeeter shows up in JackRouter and its YPLog audio output is directed towards KXstudio's CARLA's app INPUT...inside CARLA the VST PLUGINS REAGATE & sineCW are brought up...
Reagate takes the volume of the incoming YPLOg's own audio and REAGATE uses that to trigger a MIDI NOTE output which is then sent to the next VST sineCW and sineCW duplicates the original yplog cw note element timing...but puts its own rise/fall time and raised cosine edges on it...

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