Teensy LC board - The AD5DZ CW Keyer - K1EL K40 keys the TEENSY midi input - QRQ CW test at 150 wpm

test to see how accurate the MIDI INPUT keying would be on the TEENSY BOARD, TEENSY pins 4 & 5, being keyed by an external CW KEYER's RIG KEYING OUTPUT jack(K1EL K40 - in this example) using the AD5DZ software CW KEYER Teensy MidiKeyer code

Extreme QRQ CW speed test at 150 wpm from the K1EL K40 CW KEYER - keying together TEENSY PINS 4 & 5 through an optoisolator using the TEENSY's own 3.3 voltage supply(the k1el keys the diode to ground in the optoisolator activating low resistance on the optoisolators output - effectively shorting Teensy PINS 4.&5 which trigger a CW NOTE ON // CW NOTE OFF event inside the TEENSY CPU - perfectly cloning the original cw element output from the K1EL K40 CW KEYER's RIG KEYING OUTPUT)

RESULTS - perfect cw element timing at 150 wpm - every dit output from the teensy//ad5dz cw keyer, was exactly 8 ms in length - the MIDI DATA input keying pins 4 &5 on the TEENSY - being keyed as NOTE ON and NOTE OFF on the TEENSY board CPU - provides perfect morse code timing accuracy using the AD5DZ software CW MidiKeyer Teensy code with a TEENSY LC board

...instructions on the PJRC website
AD5DZ RECRI KEYER download files:
Build AD5DZ software CW KEYER from source code:

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