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At 10:49am on June 5, 2015, Paul E. Genaw said…
How do I change my Info
At 6:28pm on June 5, 2015, Ron Smith said…

Hey Paul!  Got some nice rain storms here today.  They just said first rain fall in June in Phoenix area since 1993.  Think I remember that too.  Was a nice day to work in the shop on a new old straight key I picked up.  Old Navy flame proof one.  Adios buddy.

Ron N7RD

At 6:30pm on June 5, 2015, Ron Smith said…

Mari, your rite have not heard from her in some time.  Sent me a email few months back but no word since.  She is young and enjoying life not like us old guys!  Hi.

Ron N7RD

At 10:54pm on June 12, 2015, Ron Smith said…

Paul, I talked to them about that problem you are having.  They said contact them and they would fix it.  Nobody else seems to have the problem, might be some parts missing.  It's always worth at try.  As for me still looking and reading.

73 Buddy,

Ron N7RD

At 12:38am on June 13, 2015, Paul E. Genaw said…
Yes I thought abt
sending it back a few times....
I have 3 of thier keys ... and the
2 magnetic are always out of
adjustment... . I like my
spacing,weight, vert, hor, movements
just so.... the spacing plate was way to
thick they send with thier keys...
might work out gd for you...
When I got it said it was tuned ?
right.... finger peaces were all crooked
Guess I might be a fusser ...
What works great for one might
not work for the other. Choices
choices... the main thing is enjoy
your keys and paddles.
The New Vibroplexes are a Big
Dissapointment I say... machining
is dull, dies wore out ... over extended
life.... I know the older models I have
are a much better Quality Bug.
Take Care Ron... Its nice to have a
Few Different Flavoured Cw machines

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