Has anyone had experience with the new CW+ mode that Elecraft just came out with to improve the K3's QRQ  capability?


Joe KH6/W3GW

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Hi Joe,

I had a qso with KH6MB last night and he was able to use a canned CQ call to give me a bit of a demo of the new CW+ mode. He said he could hear me break while the message was sending at 60 wpm (I forgot to check at 70 wpm). The keying sounds pretty good, infinitely better than before Wayne addressed the terrible keying at much lower speeds.

I uploaded some MP3 files to this URL: http://sites.google.com/site/w5uxhcw3/Home/kh6mb-k3-cw-demo

Chuck, W5UXH
Las Cruces, NM
Thanks Chuck. I listened to all the audio files. Really sounded great. The split option might be nice but wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. Martin sounded great on your end. I wish I could put a signal like his into the Mainland, but my Ten Tec Omni D/Corsair and attic loop need the help of a few more sunspots. I gather your QSO was on 20 meters. Hmmm, maybe I could build a vertical yagi, like Martins, without our community association catching on. We shall see.

Joe KH6/W3GW

Chuck (W5UXH),


I know you have some excellent QRQ .mp3's which you've recorded from various QSOs and placed in directories on your web site for me to download.  These have really helped me, in fact one is residing on my iPod shuffle at the moment.  You may want to consider placing some of these here on QRQcwnet.ning.com for people to download in order to listen to them for practice.  Like I said, they have really helped me a lot, and I think others may find them useful as well.  I think the 55-60 wpm K3 line out recordings of you and your friend doing full break in QSK conversation on 20 and 40 meters could really be nice, since that speed is sometimes a turning point in copy for a lot of people.  Also, it would be good for everyone to realize that there is more than one way to QRQ.



Brett (KI4DBK)


Feel free to pick any files of interest and upload them anywhere you want.  That way I don't need to try to select specific files (or learn how to post them here!).


Chuck  W5UXH

Ok, Chuck...I know exactly what you mean, I'm still not really part of the generation of social networks, and am just now figuring out how to find my way around a site like this...much less where to go to post things.  Thanks for giving your permission to share the files.  For me, listening to CW is not nearly as instructive as actually working it, but it is instructive to a diminished extent, which is nice when you are working out, or taking a walk and are equipped with an .mp3 player.


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