The Art and Skill of Radiotelegraphy

I just read in the free, internet magazine, 'K9YA Telegraph', that a new, fifth edition, of William Pierponts, N0HFF (SK), book, 'The Art and Skill of Radiotelegraphy', is out. I have loved this book over the years and have read each edition. The High Speed Appendix in one of the editions mentioned many of the folks on our website. I thought you all might be interested. And, of course, I am not involved financially in this book or its publisher.


Joe W3GW'

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Hi Joe,

thanks for sharing this resource, I was about to order it at a different web page for roughly 20 bucks plus shipping a week ago, but the guy said I should ask again next week because they were negotiating over a new price (he didn't say if it's gonna be more or less). Now I got it for $18,64 (shipping included) instead, that's lovely. I had this book on my PC for several years already but I don't like reading books on PCs and I always wanted a hardcopy!

Vy 73 de

Wolle, DL6BW / N7RH

You will like it, Wolle. The illustrations and pictures look good. I also had the computer copies, but always

wanted a hardcopy. Let us know how you like it.

Joe W3GW

Hi Joe, Wolle,

When I got back on the air after 22 years of radio silence I found a copy of this book from 2002, this is  the one Morse book I would recommend above any other, it has taken me from 25 to 40 plus wpm.

I bought a new copy last year it cost just £7:50 you cannot buy a round of drinks over here for that. It is a brilliant book and the new copy is well written and well illustrated too. If  you are interested in learning CW or increasing your speed BUY it, you will not regret it, 73 Rich G4FAD..

Hi Rich, long time no see!

Yes, the delivery should be in the pipeline and I can't wait to hold in in my hands. I have browsed the PDF a few times already, but I don't have an iPad, Kindle or whatever device people use to read digitized documents and I don't like to stare at my computer screen for hours. I prefer the couch or my reading chair with a nice cup of tea and it's going to be a perfect read as soon as it gets dark and cold again. :)

Thanks Joe, I guess it should arrive in maybe three weeks or so. I'll let you know what I think of it, as far as I understand they print on demand, right? It's going to be interesting because I don't have any idea what quality to expect.


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