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At 6:16am on December 28, 2009, Chuck aa0hw said…
Hi Jim

Thank you for joining and welcome to the site !

That paddle of yours looks fantastic.
Thanks for the photo...
At 1:08am on December 30, 2009, Joe said…
Welcome aboard, Jim. I 'm also trying to get my code speed up. Ebook2cw does a nice job, but lately I have been using Fldigi to make practice mp3 files to take along with me on my walks. Fldigi creates beautiful cw from text files. I also find the iCW net on Saturdays to be a great source of QRQ practice.

Joe KH6/W3GW
At 12:14am on July 11, 2011, Brett Miller said…

I too am always looking around for a display case for my keys, since I usually only have 3 or 4 on the operating table at one time. I have decided to go for it with single lever, and now a Begali Sculpture Mono is on the way to me at this very moment. I have his Simplex Mono, and I like it a lot, but there are some things that aren't quite right and it seems like they affect my sending. I am hoping the simplicity and precision of the Sculpture single lever will provide for easier sending at the speeds I want, with much greater accuracy. I don't really care about sending faster than 35-40 wpm at the most, and most times around 33 wpm is fine, but I want to be able to do so accurately and without great expenditure of effort during long rag chews. I can send fine on a bencher and similar, but find that as I go up in quality the effort to send good code goes down, and proportionately, so does fatigue during long rag chews.

-my 2 cents

Brett - KI4DBK
At 12:18am on July 11, 2011, Brett Miller said…
I had meant to say also, that faster than 35 wpm on the paddle, the preferred sending device is the keyboard, and I don't really have an interest in using hand devices to send faster than about 40 wpm. I don't know if that will change in the future, but the art of conversation with The Morse is best served by the keyboard for me.
At 5:15pm on March 9, 2017, Ken K5WK said…

Thanks for the note.  I will be silent for a while, trying to learn what this is all about.  I am not quite sure why I joined, other than looking into something new.  I will likely be the least prepared member.  I am sure I will have to investigate keyboards in the future.

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