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I made all new files, this time .mp4 video files (punctuation and prosigns coming up). Added already.

I hope these files help to associate the sound of Morse code characters in a visual, auditory and muscular way.

Please let me know what you think. Tnks. They help me in my mind reading of code a lot, of course repletion is still necessary.

This is the link to the new .mp4 files and the old mp3 files: Code and Character

======================= 00000000000000000000000 =====================

To hear the sound of CW code immediately followed by the spoken sound of the character 

may help the brain to correlate these two sounds and improve mind reading of code (Pavlovian Conditioning?).

Each file repeats the Morse code-Spoken character five times followed by just the Morse code repeated three times. This is supposed to associate and learn the code (see details on the link).

Let me know if it helps or if you find it useful...

This is the link to the .mp3 files: Code and Character

After the previous set of trial files, I remade all the files with accurate timing of 0.04 sec. per dit element which I calculated to be 30 WPM. I used Adobe Audition CC to  make the .mp3 files.

30 WPM makes it more difficult to count dots and dashes and is a good speed for CW in the HF bands.

WD6Y (ex WB6MCW) 

I added an 11 min. tape with all characters. Five times repetitions of code+sound followed by three times code along.

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