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QRQ CW Receive using a HIGH Q FILTER - too much ringing? elongated CW elements? - try using a DE-Qer

demo uses TRIGGER MIDI MONO as a DE-Qer

TRIGGER MIDI MONO analyzes the input volume peaks of the HIGH Q CW elements then sends out a MIDI NOTE on/off message to a software midi input CW KEYER app like RECRI KEYER - (or…


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3CX for Morse Code OPs to qso over WEBrtc for FREE - up to 25 participants





Easy. No downloads or accounts Simple to create, host and join a meeting. Attendees join from their browser. No app required. We never ask your attendees to create an account or give out details.…


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CW Transmitter - save even MORE battery power using Pulse Width Modulated CW: LIVE demo of the setup

instead of sending a solid keydown of dits & dahs... when you key down using this method, only the smallest possible pulse width of the minimalist pulses per CW ELEMENT train, at the CW RF frequency of interest, is sent... saving battery power since the PWM key down is a tiny percentage of battery current/power being used when compared…


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QRQ CW ULF band "high Q" antenna Transmitter & Receiver: test a DE-Q'r APP to get rid of the ringing

THE zamgate PLUGIN, in sidechain mode, does the DE-Q'n

ZAMGATE analyzes/measures the incoming high q wavefront of the QRQ CW and regenerates a NEW QRQ CW Note with adjustable weight and rise/fall times

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Tuned Bipoloar Tesla Coil with FERRITE CORE for a QRQ CW 16Khz VLF Band Transmit Antenna - LIVE DEMO

The tuning of the biploar tesla coil for 16Khz is quite sharp but dramatically increases the transmitter signal antenna output - the RX ferrite antenna is also tuned by a parallel cap (TRANSMITTER is a Linux laptop, RECEIVER Is a pi4) both antennas are using SOUND CARD SDR software modules from RECRI KEYER... to be able to send and receive…


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16.6kHZ tuned Ferrite Rods TRANSMIT ANTENNA array for sending QRQ CW on the VLF BAND - LIVE demo

qrq cw from a CW KEYBOARD by RECRI KEYER on a RASPBERRY PI 4 to a Behringer UCA222 to a CLASS D AMP to the FERRITE RODs ANTENNA ARRAY

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using very HIGH Q CW audio bandpass filters to help extract QRQ CW from a VLF 8Khz ENB-CW TX signal

the high Q of 2 dsp CW AUDIO BANDPASS filter in series helps greatly to extract the ENB-CW modulated 8Khz carrier VLF Transmitter's signal

high Q CW BANDPASS filters otherwise would cause terrible ringing for CW; however, in this case... it actually helps

for more info on ENB-CW please see the playlist…


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ULF BAND soundcard SDR CW Receiver - DC vs Single Conversion - LIVE DEMO

demo of a DC & Single conversion ULF BAND CW sound card SDR Receiver - @1.3Khz


the single conversion setup uses a SIDECHAIN GATE to allow the PEAKS of the ULF 1.3Khz CW received by…


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ipad2 as a QRQ CW TYPING SCREEN MONITOR for a Raspberry pi 4 CW KEYBOARD setup(via RealVNC on ipad2)

brief test to see how well an old ancient ipad2 can handle/perform... the task of being a remote monitor screen for typing on a software CW KEYBOARD that is resident on a Raspberry Pi 4 CW KEYBOARD setup(by recri keyer)

the ipad2…


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Pi 4 CW Keyer / QRQ CW Regenerator - using Python GPIO pin 7 square wave & an H11F1 FET Optoisolator

this video is a follow video - from the 2 previous videos here on this topic:

in this video the same setup as in the 2nd video above is…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on October 27, 2022 at 8:58am — 2 Comments

Raspberry pi4 CW Keyer & MiDi CW over iP Transceiver - LIVE demo

pi4 is operating as a CW Keyer, using a TLC555 that is keyed by external KEYERs, the CW is recreated into a NEW CW NOTE inside the NEAR ZERO LATENCY - also.... it is operating as an Midi CW ip TRANSCEIVER for a full duplex, 2-way CW QSO over the internet

GSTREAMER is providing the code for the ip CW…


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Remote Rig/pi2b interface\\ REMOTE OP/pi4 station\\ RIG=ELECRAFT K3S/ AFCW QRQ CW Keying\\ LIVE DEMO

REMOTE AUDIO over ip by PYTHON/gstreamer/ pi2b TCP SERVER and pi4 TCP CLIENT to SEND transmit AFCW TO RIG and receive audio from RIG on the REMOTE

OPs pi4 station pi2b is using ALSA in the PYTHON SCRIPT AFCW KEYING SETUP - uses the RECRI KEYER cw and sdr apps…


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High Performance Raspberry Pi4 CW CPO/CW Keyer(CW RE-generator) using KXstudio CARLA APP - LIVE demo

CARLA on this raspberry pi 4 is using the ALSA AUDIO ENGINE, with a USB SOUND CARD(Behringer UCA222) 48Khz sample rate, 3 periods of 64 buffer frames - for lowest possible latency for this operation

CARLA is using 1 lv2…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on October 15, 2022 at 8:37am — 2 Comments

TX/RX CW over iP using RTP MiDi over The Secure Reliable Transport Protocol *via Gstreamer pipelines

several advantages for using the SRT protocol for sending & receiving CW RTP MiDi over ip for Morse Code OPs to QSO online with each other:



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QRQ CW *Symmetrical* Raised Cosine VS *Asymmetrical Exponential CW NOTEs - LIVE demo

QRQ CW test comparing the sound of symmetrical raised cosine CW NOTEs with asymmetrical exponential CW NOTEs

Added by Chuck aa0hw on October 12, 2022 at 9:30am — No Comments

HAM RADIO Python projects: SQUARE WAVE to SINE WAVE converter for a Morse Code Practice Oscillator

using a modified PYTHON SCRIPT from:

GSTREAMER python code used in this PYTHON SCRIPT example:

# Set up the gstreamer pipeline self.player =…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on October 7, 2022 at 12:28pm — 3 Comments

CW Keyer's audio output to pi4 soundcard input - converted to CW MiDi - send over iP to another CWop

uses REAPER's free vst plugin REAGATE CW AUDIO input to CW MIDI OUTPUT

send CW MIDI OVER TCP/ip to other OP(s) by Gstreamer script

gst-launch-1.0 -v alsamidisrc ! queue ! rtpgstpay ! rtpstreampay ! queue !…


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2 Python APPs, a raspberry pi TCP server, OP's laptop, for low latency REMOTE RIG AUDIO over TCP/ip

using a modified PYTHON SCRIPT from: this video shows a send & receive CW to and from the RIG PI INTERFACE example... by RiG/Pi TCP SERVER(pi2b) & REMOTE…


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Key CW on ur RIG REMOTELY by pi, Carla, JackTrip, Recri Keyer, Zamgate, glame & a sinewave generator

pi2b is really too weak for this kind of work... however, pi2b is tested anyway to see how it would perform under the stress.

- a pi4b does quite well at this though, using the same setup....

once setup , CARLA is able to save not only all the APPs and their positions, but also the wires that connect…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on September 29, 2022 at 8:49am — 5 Comments

Exponential CW shaped notes, demo from QRS to QRQ, Exponential envelope created by the Polyphone APP

to send MIDI NOTES to the SF2 player, CARLA's own SF2 player, a midi cw output is needed....

and provided by RECRI KEYER in this example…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on September 22, 2022 at 9:13am — 3 Comments

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