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copying QRQ CW in a TUNED RESONANT HIGH "Q" system - DEMO a GATE between 2 CW audio bandpass filters

QRQ CW TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER are both using HIGH Q resonant systems on their Ferrite Loopstick ANTENNAs

PROBLEM - HIGH Q will cause ringing and MUSH on the RECEIVE signal

SOLUTION - use a GATE between 2 CW AUDIO BANDPASS filters

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Raspberry PI 4 complete CW KEYER(iambics, st key & keyboard) using free software from LSP & Recri

CW KEYER SETUP overview: 4 different 555 timer chip oscillators that have been set to…


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DIY QRQ CW VLF TRANSMITTER & RECEIVER for Spelunking Loving QRQ CW OPs: Through The Earth(TTE) comms

this video is a follow up video form the 1st one here:

this video demo's the QRQ CW high speed morse code capability



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ATTENTION: QRQ CW NET OPs - can't hear the other OP(s) ? then use this FREE websdr setup and send the weblink

if you are using WEB SDR's to hear the other OP,   and don't like the long delay, try setting up a local web sdr using the following video's method and the free STREAMMyAUDIO service...then you can simulcast your TRANSMIT CW SIDETONE to your headphones AND this free STREAMING SERVICE so that any other OP(s) can go to the web link on the STREAMmyAUDIO's LIVE web page and pick up your RIG's TRANSMIT CW audio in almost REAL TIME with very low delay...  here is a LIVE demo of this setup in…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on April 20, 2022 at 9:55am — 1 Comment

UltraSonic Morse Code EMF COIL EMITTERs sending QRQ CW at a frequency of 21.121 Khz & speed of 82wpm

brief demo of sending QRQ CW via ULTRASONIC EMF using TWIN FERRITE BOBBIN CORE INDUCTOR COILs as the Ultrasonic EMF Emitters

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Extreme Narrow Band CW @ QRQ, ELF 738hz Transmitter & Receiver, uses Trigger Midi Mono to demodulate

testing out a LARGER FERRITE CORE(loopstick)TRANSMIT ANTENNA fed by a 10 watt CLASS D audio amp transmitting an Extreme Narrow Band CW(ENBcw) ELF 738hz SIGNAL OUTPUT

see the ENBcw playlist for more info on how ENBcw is setup....…


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QRQ CW Raspberry PI QSO SFU Server for up to 8 OPs using Gstreamer TCP SERVER and UDP Receiver setup

see video notes on the VIDEO's DESCRIPTION tab...

   - at the 'Watch on YouTube' website

             for more info on this setup

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VLF Receiver - using the KK7B High Performance Direct Conversion Receiver & sound card SDR LO signal

Brief demo of the KK7B High Performance Direct Conversion Receiver on the VLF BAND - 16Khz CW ....using the KK7B -1 KHZ - on board - CW audio filter kk7b antenna = ferrite…


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QRQ CW Tesla Coil with FERRITE CORE Transmit Antenna at 75Khz - sending CW at 75wpm - LIVE demo

Brief demo of using a TESLA COIL with a ferrite core, self resonant at @ 75Khz - sending QRQ CW at 75 wpm The tesla coil primary winding is about 7 turns, fed by a 10 watt audio amp both TX/RX use soundcard SDR's with soundcards operating at 192Khz sample rate using the RECRI KEYER SDR modules and CW KEYBOARD to modulate and demodulate at…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on March 7, 2022 at 4:43pm — 1 Comment

Heathkit HD-1416 Code Practice Oscillator: better audio with parallel and series resonant LC circuit

brief demo of using a parallel resonant LC circuit resonant at the CW PITCH for the HD-1416 output and then a series resonant LC circuit that is connected to the SPEAKER


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VLF CW AM 16Khz Transceiver project for MUMBLE iCW - LPAM VLF AM Transmitter & the Rohde's AM Receiver

see video description notes for more info on these setups

Added by Chuck aa0hw on February 11, 2022 at 2:58pm — No Comments

Rohde's AM Detector 33.7Khz - DIY - AM Receiver - LIVE DEMO - both CW & HD VOICE audio

demo of using the Rohde's AM Detector to make a homebrew AM RECEIVER

demodulating a 33.7Khz AM Signal from an IP STREAM via the wavpack codec encoder/decoder on a pc…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on February 7, 2022 at 2:22pm — 2 Comments

YPLog CW Keyboard running on a Raspberry PI 4 - LIVE demo - (uses the PI-APPs WINE package)

brief demo of operating the YPLOG CW KEYBOARD on a Raspberry PI via the WINE PACKAGE from


Added by Chuck aa0hw on January 30, 2022 at 2:03pm — 1 Comment

Morse Code Practice Raspberry PI 4 Twitch LIVE stream - 25 wpm to 100 wpm: select speed by QUISK SDR

TEST sending i q stereo into TWITCH

using 16 CW keyboards from a Raspberry PI 4 that is sending CW from 25 wpm to 100 wpm in 5 wpm steps

from -16Khz to -2Khz and +2Khz to +16Khz (2Khz steps)



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QRQ CW PRACTICE using an iphone - uses realVNC, Raspberry PI4, Mixxx & SonoBus 'audio over ip' APP

Mixxx allows you to go back a word or two(or more) to play again, a word or phrase that you may not have copied fully Mixxx also allows you to adjust the SPEED of the QRQ CW COPY PRACTICE session - 'on the fly'

NOTE: to keep the pitch the same, no matter the MIXXX variable speed setting, ZAMGATE and a pure sine wave…


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QRQ CW over WebRTC demo with the FREE(10,000 minutes per month) "100ms" company's DIY WebRTC builder

Build your live video app in 5 minutes Get 10,000 FREE minutes every month…


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CW keying data attoWatt modulation of a 12Khz VLF RF carrier: ZamGate DECODER converts it back to CW

experimental CW KEYING DATA modulation of a 12Khz VLF RF carrier that uses attoWatt modulation to achieve its goal of sending CW through the VLF CARRIER with the embedded attoWatt CW Keying data on it...


VLF RF signal, is sent to a ZamGate sidechain GATE APP, which is able to extract the CW…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on January 8, 2022 at 2:31pm — 10 Comments

experimental Morse Code CW Braille Encoder/Decoder: Micro Modulate CW Keying data onto a VLF Carrier

experimental setup to encode CW KEYING DATA that looks a bit like BRAILLE onto a 16Khz VLF RF carrier - basically micro-modulating the tiniest increase in the 16Khz VLF RF carrier's power output that is directly in line with the timing of the arriving CW ELEMENTs that encoded the CW "BRAILLE" onto the VLF RF carrier by the ZAMGATE CW BRAILLE…


Added by Chuck aa0hw on January 6, 2022 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

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