I read with interest Joe KF7CX article about regenarative CW.

I struggled a little bit to find out all about circuitry, but finally I think i have a good idea of how to build a complete interface.

I have a small question about the Youtube demonstration : there is a pot to vary sidetone frequency, and you can hear it very well on the video audio. But Hipermite is a very narrow and fixed frequency... So is this pot really usable?

Thanks for advice.

Gerard F6EEQ

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Hi Gerard

i just asked KF7CX about his REGEN range of pitch and here is what he replied to me in an email:


"I'd say that the 500 Hz - 900 Hz range for my iCW Regneration box is probably about right.  It's based on the frequency adjustment pot in the audio oscillator that precedes the Hi-Per-Mite.  I think you can push the Hi-Per-Mite bandwidth by driving the filter with enough input so the range can be more than the 200 Hz bandwidth would suggest it should be."


"Gerard should know that he can build the Hi-Per-Mite to suit a tone frequency range that he might prefer.  You might want to send him the attached table."

Thanks folks!

HNY to you both.

Thanks for great site about QRQ.


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