555 harsh raspy square wave CPO output to PURE SINE WAVE shaped CW NOTE output CONVERTER: REAPER DAW

using native plugins in REAPER DAW, to create a CW Regeneration "RE-KEYER"...- takes a harsh/raspy square wave input from a 555 keyed CPO output, over to the MIC INPUT(green wave on scope) and converts it into a shaped sinewave CW note output, with raised cosine edges, using 3 reaper plugins: Tone Generator, ReaGate, and the Apple 12 Pole Filter REAGATE is operating in sidechain mode, holding back a pure sine wave at your desired CW PITCH, until REAPER's sidechain is 'keyed' by the 555 square wave keyed CPO's output Reaper puts a 5 ms rise/fall time onto its trapezoid shaped output, and gets shaped further into raised cosine edges by the APPLE 12 bandpass audio FILTER https://www.reaper.fm/download.php

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on March 12, 2024 at 6:52am

Here is a another way to remove harmonics from square wave CPO using diy FERRITE RODs BPF

using 3 ferrite slugs pieced together to create 2 tuned ferrite rods to act as a CW audio L/C passive bandpass filter to remove harmonics from a harsh raspy square wave CPO morse code https://fair-rite.com/product/rods-4077485111/ https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Fair-Rite/4077485111?qs=aTFcLA...


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