A multiple DSP PLUGin(s) Connection Bay for PulseAudio using "Carla" - QRQ CW over SonoBus example



SETUP: A FET H11F1 OPTOisolator is being 'keyed' by the serial RTS PIN from FLdigi's CW KEYBOARD... the output of a 555 square wave oscillator is running continuously and attached to the output pins of the H11F1... when keyed, the 555 824 hertz tone goes through the h11f1's output pins into the LINE INPUT of a PI4 usb sound card and into the input of



the SonoBus input FX has a noise gate and EQ that are used to keep the bleed-through of the tone from getting into the input of SonoBus and sent out...until keyed.... the square wave harmonics are filtered out by the SonoBus EQ input FX, to help the CW SOUND more pleasant ...

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