Build a Morse Code CW SINE WAVE OSCILLATOR that sounds as good as FLdigi using FREE software

This is a QRQ CW COPY TEST - to see how close I could match the great sound of FLdigi's QRQ CW with a custom cw sine wave oscillator - built up by using AMsynth and the GLAME BANDPASS FILTER...NOTE: since you can not externally KEY FLdigi... i had to search for another way to be able to key CW manually/externally - from PADDLES, KEYBOARD or STRAIGHT KEY...AMsynth does a great job of that...and it can be keyed via MIDI...and with the addition of the GLAME BANDPASS filter...i thought it sounded very close to how FLdigi cw sounds...

AMsynth is setup to act as a pure sine wave oscillator with 8 ms edges and is "keyed" by using MIDI DATA MESSAGES created by trigger midi mono(or any HARDWARE MIDI DEVICE)...
HERE: are the settings i used for AMsynth on this video:

SETUP: in the video i use FLdigi's RT CHANNEL output as the audio input of TRIGGER MIDI MONO which then analyzes and creates a midi data output to key the synthesizer - AMsynth - AMsynth then is filtered by the GLAME BANDPASS FILTER as look and sound as close as possible to how the FLdigi CW audio output sounds...FLdigi is sending CW at 71 wpm from a text file written by TOM - w4bqf's article -

the A/B comparison is PURE FLDIGI on the left and PURE AMsynth+bandpass on the right

a SCOPE VIEW and SPECTRUM VIEW are also shown in this video to compare FLdigi with AMsynth(bandpass)

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