Build your own high performance software QRQ CW AUDIO FILTER - using 4 FILTA LV2 modules in series


NOTE:  The delay from start to finish - going through 4 instances of FILTA LV2 cw audio filter modules, being connected in series, measured to be only 2.5 milliseconds

for this DEMO, a VLF CW signal at 16Khz was captured at the laptop's MIC INPUT jack from its antenna connection to a FERRITE LOOPSTICK ANTENNA - then the 16Khz signal was sent directly to ZAMGATE's sidechain "triggering" port which allows pass-through of a Pure Sine Wave Generator signal at an audio frequency chosen by the OP, on zamgate's top port...while the sine wave is passing through zamgate, zamgate puts an adjustable RISE/FALL time on the CW NOTE, and amplifies it... WEIGHT can also be adjusted with ZAMGATE's threshold setting... the output of ZamGate goes to the first (of 4) FILTA LV2 PLugin MODULE, adjusted to take out all the harmonics that are generated in the CW RE-Keyer process as well as the typical reasons for using a CW AUDIO BANDPASS FILTER - ie...reducing cw element edge noise from the rapid start/stop qrq cw element pulsing

The CW RE-Keyer method is employed for this FILTA qrq cw filter demo... - see this playlist for more info on setting up a CW RE-Keyer system:

for more info on VLF operations see our playlist here:

NOTE: text file being sent by the CW KEYER in this video demo, sending out a VLF CW SIGNAL at 16Khz, was taken from a bible chapter in ROMANS

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