Experimental new Morse Code CW MODE - Pilot Tone with inaudible embedded CW Keying Data - LIVE demo

ZamGate provides the method to ENCODE and DECODE the very slight volume increase in the CW pilot tone volume sine wave carrier(AM MODULATION of a sort)

TRANSMITTER cw keyboard keys zamgate in sidechain mode to allow the slightest increase in volume upon each CW ELEMENT being sent to be added to the pilot tone carrier

RECEIVER uses ZamGate to detect the very slight increase in volume of the CW PILOT TONE CARRIER embedded CW data transmission....and keys another sine wave CW oscillator that also is able to add rise/fall time as per preference to the final, detected, decoded CW elements being sent by the transmitter...Zamgate can also adjust weight(threshold setting) and increase or decrease volume of the CW TONEs via its volume output knob

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Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 2, 2022 at 3:18pm

Here is a USE CASE for the new CW MODE -  QSO'n CW on MUMBLE on the iCW server

Comment by Chuck aa0hw on January 3, 2022 at 12:38pm

another example of using a VLF RF CW Pilot TONE with CW KEYING DATA embedded onto the Pilot Tone

with most VOIP VOICE CHAT engines, CW AUDIO over them, via the OPUS AUDIO CODEC can produce some audio glitches, audio artifacts, unwanted spikes in volumes et al etc.... one way to reduce the amount of this unwanted QRN/ QRM is to use a VLF RF PILOT TONE and embed CW ELEMENT KEYING data onto it.... a slight increase in volume for each CW ELEMENT, and this slight increase in volume also has a 5ms(+/-) rise/fall time the encoder & de-coder app is

ZAMGATE, used in sidechain mode....


the upper port of the ZAMGATE ENCODER, when triggered, adds a slight increase in volume to the VLF RF PILOT TONE per each CW ELEMENT, with rise/fall time at "just enough volume increase" to get the system to work the ZamGate decoder on the DISCORD RECEIVER, listens on its TRIGGER PORT, to the DISCORD RECEIVER's pilot tone output.... and when there is a slight increase in volume detected, the upper port of the ZamGate decoder allows a sine wave at your CW PITCH you prefer, to pass through with rise/fall time adjustments, weight & volume as it regenerates CW AUDIO NOTES from the CW DATA that is contained on VLF RF 6Khz PILOT TONE from the DISCORD OP transmitting


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