Extreme Narrow Band CW @ QRQ, ELF 738hz Transmitter & Receiver, uses Trigger Midi Mono to demodulate

testing out a LARGER FERRITE CORE(loopstick)TRANSMIT ANTENNA fed by a 10 watt CLASS D audio amp transmitting an Extreme Narrow Band CW(ENBcw) ELF 738hz SIGNAL OUTPUT

see the ENBcw playlist for more info on how ENBcw is setup.... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfFan4sDonOf2O3s6PKh4fnDhEXr...

RECEIVER is a sound card SDR, LINE INPUT connected to a tuned small ferrite rod loopstick antenna...picking up the ENBcw transmission

NOTE: this is a HIGH "Q" system for both the transmitter & receiver normal CW transmit/receive methods do not work due to too much ringing... however, using ENBcw methods, the HIGH "Q" tuned system for both RX & TX does not ring when using the TRIGGER MIDI MONO(TMM) ENBcw decoding method

TMM Picks up the small increases in the TRANSMITTer's 738hz CARRIER signal strength and converts the decoded CW ELEMENTs at its input, into a CW MIDI NOTE output...which "keys" a midi input CW SINE OSCILLATOR (note: the volume to the decoder is critical; adjust to just barely under the steady tone activation level, where TMM can pick up the tiny increases in the carrier strength of the 738hz ENBcw tones as per CW ELEMENT ENBcw encoding by the ENBcw TRANSMITTER)

TRIGGER MIDI MONO: https://lsp-plug.in/?page=manuals&section=trigger_midi_mono

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