get rid of HIGH Q Ringing on QRQ CW by using a LiMiTER & CW Regenerator

with high Q ringing on a QRQ CW signal, by high Q filters &/or high Q antennas, you are going to get CW ELEMENT RINGING and CW ELEMENT ELONGATION which distorts the typical wave shape of the DITs and DAHS... especially on the DITs...the elongation will decrease its volume since the element takes to long to reach peak output compared to a dah at QRQ SPEEDS...etc.. to this demo shows a method to circumvent this issue... 1st a peak limiter app is used to even out the HIGH Q CW PEAKs on the RX signal and then send the output of the limiter to a CW RE-GENERATION/CW-RE-KEYing setup this demo uses ZAMGATE in sidechain mode/ a sine wave sidetone oscillator and a post cw audio bandpass filter

after the QRQ CW peaks have been evened out they are used to 'KEY' the sidechain port of ZAMGATE... ZAMGATE is holding back a pure sine wave oscillator sidetone, until it gets KEYED on its sidechain port by the peaks of the LIMITER's output... then the sine wave passes out through ZAMGATE, after dialing in the RISE/FALL time you want on the ZAMGATE CONTROLs... goes to a final CW AUDIO bandpass filter and then to headphones...

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