HAMFEST HELMET VLF CW COMMUNICATOR - use Ferrite Rod loopstick Transmit Antenna on top of the Helmet

HAMFEST HELMET PORTABLE VLF RF CW COMMUNICATOR PROTOTYPE - FERRITE ROD LOOPSTick VLF RF 3.8Khz Vertical Transmit Antenna - powered by a portable 12 Volt Class D amp. (ferrite rod = 7 inch long & 1/2 inch diameter TUNED to series resonance at the VLF RF frequency of interest by the appropriate CAPACITOR)

A simple portable VLF receiver's audio output is connected to this recording laptop's mic input jack and into the screen recorder's audio input port....(the audio you hear on video) 10 to 30 foot (+) range(depends on WATTs of portable, battery-powered Transmitter & sensitivity of portable VLF CW receiver circuit)

specAN/scope show both the TRANSMIT 3.8Khz signal and the VLF Receiver's demodulated cw audio output

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